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  1. I just found out 30 minutes ago and I'm still crying. I feel so heartbroken, like I lost a friend, which is so strange because I didn't even knew him. I think that listening to somebody for so many hours just makes you feel close to someone, especially since I was such a hardcore Harris fan that I've listened to all his apprearences at least three times and I used the DSOWD episode as a lullaby..

    The stupid thing is that I don't know anyone who listens to podcasts so I have no one to share my grief with. But I guess that's where you guys come in

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  2. After listening to the newest You Made it Weird with Harris, I wonder if he was shooting herion when they were doing this episode, and how strange it was for him when Scott made the remark about shooting herion.


    For me Scott saying 'This is why drugs were so good for you' and Mike saying 'You could always just do drugs again, right?' felt so dark and made me uneasy after the YMIW episode.. The NY bowl episode actually ends with Harris saying 'I'm gonna relapse' and Scott laughing at it. I mean I understand they're all jokes but they weren't really at that point

  3. Although I get what the Itunes-reviewers are comming from, I think they haven't put enough work into it. I mean, sure, I've listened to one or two Hollywood Handbooks before, and I didn't really like them that much. But two weeks ago I listed to a Reality Show Show and loved it so much I listed to every singe episode. In two weeks. And now, I "get" Sean and Hayes. So really, reviewers, just put in some more effort. Subscribed.

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  4. I guess I was the only one who thought Matt was kind of a dick in this bonus cut. I understand being really proud of your work and being a bit upset about not getting reconised, but his reaction was a bit too much for me. I was glad that part was over, but then: 'it's not even an opinion, it's a fact.'. Music is subjective guys, and some would say that a 'good' song is one with a catchy hook that speaks to the general public. I normally like it when Matt gets all riled up, but then it's about rascism or homophobia, not this petty stuff.

  5. In the Netherlands our version of Santa Claus (Sinterklaas) is also white, but all his 'helpers' are black, and are called Black Pete's. Every Sinterklaas white people paint their face black, put on an afro-wig and big gold earrings. There is controversy right now because some people find that offensive

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  6. I was just wondering, do your sponsers come to you because they like your podcast, or is it that you use something and really like it and approach them?


    Also, although it's actually not a bad but an AMAZING movie: Being John Malkovich. It is crazy enough for you to talk about!


    ALSO, bring Jon Lajoie on! It shouldn't be too hard since he's your co-star.. and he had done podcasts before!


    EDIT: I just read in an AMA on Reddit that Being John Malkovich is one of Jon Lajoie's favourite movies! So combine my suggestions... succes!