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  1. You remind me of people that will say really racist things then justify it by mentioning their one black friend.

    I just don't get why it has be 'sexism.' Can't we just not like the character of Nancy Cooper? Seems like people like literally every other female that has appeared on CBB, with Wompler probably on the top of the pile. Until this debate, I never even viewed the podcast guests as male or female, really. I mean I obviously knew who was who, but I just didn't care. It's the whole 'racism/sexism is in the eye of the beholder' thing. If you say something totally innocuous with no intention of sexism, and someone else perceives it as sexist and makes an outcry, isn't it that someone else's fault for dragging into the realm of sexism? Not that sexism and racism don't exist, of course, but I swear half the problems we have with these things stem from people who view everything through a lens of 'oh, that was sexist? did they mean that in a racist way? I bet they did! pariah! apologize for what you said!' when really, people are just being real.

  2. This made me laugh like a jerk in the middle of a library.


    I suppose I cannot add much to the reasoning, though. Lauren Lapkus trying to get out the words "Scholarship" and "Sneak-hers" were two of my favorite lines last year. Maybe you're right Scott: it's not the voice, it's blatant sexism. I hope to goodness there is a third, more benign option.

    I signed up just be an asshole - am I not in the right place? ::leaves quietly (for an asshole)::