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  1. if liking your own comment is cool consider me miles davis
  2. well this is probably the first movie on this show that i really love but only because this vhs tape got the fuck played out of it as a lil 5 year old hatch. it is still impossible to watch the first five minutes and not immediately want to eat that shitty pizza keno is delivering because, controversial opinion, pizza is actually good
  3. imhatch

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    i think that pick up artists are bad and also trash men. well bye friends
  4. imhatch

    Episode 194 — Siblings

    really enjoyed the phrase "monkey permit"
  5. imhatch

    Episode 191 — Kyle and His Mother

    mother's cute lil chicken man
  6. imhatch

    Episode 190 — Tig's Love Life Update

    sandy eggos are the pride of cow, texas
  7. imhatch

    Episode 190 — Tig's Love Life Update

    solo tig with stephanie allynne is extremely my shit
  8. imhatch

    Episode 185— Spirituality

    pec deck in effect
  9. imhatch

    Episode 184 — Reader Mail

    our forum
  10. imhatch

    Episode 184 — Reader Mail

    looks like we have a Care Off brewing here............turns out i will win....i will go to desperate lengths to prove i care the least
  11. imhatch

    Episode 183— Breakups

    oh marc maron is the guest huh
  12. imhatch

    Episode 180 — Horses

    i like you david
  13. imhatch

    Episode 179 — God

    i think that pete holmes is just quick to laugh and i figured everyone knew at least one person like this irl. his presence on this episode was pretty identical to his episode of hdtgm which i will say is the best episode of hdtgm ever produced. this is not negotiable and i will fight anyone who disagrees
  14. imhatch

    Episode 179 — God

    i like pete holmes but can see how he would drive ppl crazy, sure
  15. imhatch

    Episode 179 — God

    i feel like if there was ever a time someone could say a cuss on this christian podcast it is probably this episode when describing "the butt-fuck that is exodus"
  16. imhatch

    Episode 178 — Books

    between the weird "we've been told some characters we do are racist but here's why they're not"/"chris rock defanged the n-word" chat and olive's whining this was a rough/ruff (ha ha) episode to power through in the beginning but furreal the semiregular chatter about folks telling yall some of the characters kyle does are racist caricatures (i don't necessarily disagree with them) gets tiring if there is no one on the other side but i understand this clashes with the vibe and character of the show so i guess im saying maybe just do the impressions without bringing that up?? idk im hatch and im dumb as hell
  17. imhatch

    Episode 177 — Foster Parenting

    i am really happy listening to this episode and it was very joyful and thanks to david and kyle and tig and kristina
  18. hooray for a tig tour i already got my..................tigkets ha ha still got it hatch
  19. imhatch

    Episode 172 — Conspiracies

    i know im an idiot and i know the hosts make wild claims not based in facts but oof bill, the airport scanners are actually not xrays like they tell you and you get literally 1000 times more radiation on the plane ride itself anyway i don't like bill burr at all and dunno if i can finish this episode, sorry team
  20. imhatch

    Episode 171 — Consciousness

    two three and
  21. imhatch

    Episode 170 — Aging and Immortality

    i will be a guest i will do it i have not laughed in 14 years so no problems there
  22. imhatch

    Episode 92 — The 1st Annual Howdies Pt. 2

    not sure i want to give credit for the correct usage of "literally" there
  23. imhatch

    Episode 169 — Online Dating

    also innocent adult penises, and kyle has aids.
  24. imhatch

    Trance (2013)

    i like danny boyle, i love rosario dawson and james mcavoy, but this movie was offensively bad to me in a way no other movie ever has been for some reason. my girlf and i watched it and i was just in a bad mood for the rest of the night. i think we went in thinking itd be a caper but the tonal shift over the last 20 minutes really really turned me off and nauseated me. i don't even think a june-"so-upsetting" does it justice for me i hate this movie!!! sorry to get so mad, gang
  25. imhatch

    Episode 168 — Music Industry

    i think those boops were sounds, made from kyle's body