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    Best of 2016 Pt. 1

    I think the Best Ofs are my favorite episodes all year! I could definitely listen to Scott and Paul get each other worked up for hours. The fact that you also get to listen to occasional clips of the best hand-picked bits is only icing on the cake. I totally forgot to vote this year but my personal pick for #1 is Tiny, Victor, and Willy's apple song.
  2. Thanks, tomspanks! I knew it had to be South Street Souvlaki because I literally can't think of any other souvlaki restaurant in Philadelphia (although I'm sure there are plenty).
  3. Forgive me, I didn't actually watch the movie, but was it this one by any chance? It's a pretty iconic souvlaki restaurant on South Street (big hangout area). IIRC it was in the first movie, and I believe you can see it in (certain versions of) the opening credits of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
  4. Dad has ADD already touched upon the fact that the original was in Philly and not New York (thanks, man! Was driving me nuts my whole commute listening to this episode), but I would argue that Hollywood has still taken a major step down, career-wise, since the store in the first movie (to the best of my recollection) was in downtown Philly, whereas Germantown in the 90s was pretty skeezy. I actually have personal experience working with mannequins in Germantown: I'm originally from California but went to college in Philadelphia, quite near the Germantown neighborhood, and at one point had an internship at the 'Germantown Historical Society,' where I helped with an exhibit that tied in to the big hit movie at the time, Titanic (yes, this was a while ago). At one point, having put an 80 year-old dress on a mannequin, another intern and I were lowering the mannequin onto the rod that holds it upright, which essentially goes straight up the mannequin's ass. The other intern said "just relax, sweetheart." Did I unwittingly participate in sodomizing a German Princess, and if so, how can I go about making this right?
  5. HeyDumDum

    EPISODE 356 — Heynong Man

    Also I made this:
  6. HeyDumDum

    EPISODE 356 — Heynong Man

    One of the best eps ever. I kept visualizing it as three words, and was imagining a shirt that just read HEY NONG MAN.
  7. I love this podcast, I started listening and got all caught up a few weeks ago. This is by far my favorite episode! James Adomian as Tom Leykis never fails to bust me the hell up. This one and the CBB with Amy Poehler and Jason Mantzoukas... ugh, it just doesn't get any funnier than those two episodes.
  8. HeyDumDum

    HDTGM Theme Submissions

    What happened to the previous Nic Cage music? You know, the one that starts with some dick-punchin' guitar and "droppin' panties all around the woorrrrld." I loved that one, and now it's like it never existed and Paul's asking for new ones. Did you make it disappear, Paul? Just like you made June disappear!? I'm getting Alex Jones on this case... #nicholascagetruther #whereisjune
  9. HeyDumDum

    EPISODE 107 — Lake Placid: LIVE!

    I was at this taping and it fucking ruled. I can die happy now (although I was pretty sad June couldn't make it. HOW WILL I KNOW IF THE CROC WAS WELL COMPENSATED OR NOT).
  10. This movie was a real shit-sipper. Was there some sort of plot? Miley Cyrus dates this one guy, then dates this other guy, but then they hate each other, then they love each other again, and he's a musician, and they go to The Bone Zone, then she hugs her mom and LOL! The end!!! And it's all in both a diary and a movie because this is a saga for the ages. Should have been titled STFU. Can't wait to hear the episode on this.
  11. HeyDumDum

    Episode 89 — Gooby

    AAAGH TOTALLY BEAT ME TO IT. This is why I will never be able to watch this film (Gooby- I will watch the Shining a million fucking times).
  12. In the grand tradition of the fantastic Liz & Dick, I propose another made-for-TV edition of HDTGM: House of Versace, starring Gina Gershon as Donatella Versace (pronounced Ver-sayce, of course). eh? http://www.theguardi...on-best-moments EHHH? http://jezebel.com/h...hous-1442038110 I rest my case. ETA: I searched and didn't find a thread on this already, apologies if this is a duplicate.
  13. Derp- I listened to this episode again and realized I totally misinterpreted the movie. I guess Marge et al were clamoring for next year's orders? There goes my outrage. At any rate, she had no reason to be there, but that's something June, Paul, and The Zouks all agreed on, so I guess this is neither a correction nor an omission. The pet/mask store in my town was real, though. And that monkey was fucked.
  14. At the point where we meet Marge Gutterman (?) who has a shop in Union Square in San Francisco, come down and see her sometime, it's the day before Halloween. She makes some remark about how now that Silver Shamrock is supplying to all the big retailers, the "little guys" have to make a fuss to be heard, which is ostensibly why she's traveled out to Santa Mira from the big city to check on her re-order. But it's the day before Halloween! Why on earth is she away from her store and hassling the manufacturer, several hours' drive away? Let's say her trip works, they bust ass and get her her re-order... she still gets back to San Francisco in, say, the evening time. Who the hell is going to be buying their Halloween mask on 7pm October 30?! This becomes even more ridiculous because as we see in the movie, she returns to the motel frustrated because they still don't have her order. WHY IS SHE STAYING OVERNIGHT? The next day is Halloween! Your ship has sailed, lady! In conclusion, Marge Gutterman's death is her own damn fault. She should have hit the road. *** I also wanted to add that, as strange as it sounds, there was a small, independently-owned mask and Halloween supply shop in my hometown. It thrived year round because it was also a locally-owned pet and pet supply store. That's right, upon entering the dark, creaky, Victorian storefront, you walked past rows of glass cubes holding guinea pigs, mice, and snakes, and to the even darker back counter, where you could peruse a display of rubbery Freddie Krueger and Ronald Reagan masks (it was the 80s). Topping it all off, suspended from the ceiling and running the length of the shop was a fully-enclosed wire monkey run with a real live monkey in it. A monkey which was undoubtedly incredibly mentally disturbed by the time the shop closed down in the 90s. Now it's just another 'quaint' antique shop, and I didn't really appreciate until I got older and met people who didn't grow up with a pet-and-scary-mask store in their hometown how unusual and downright macabre a shop it was. I miss it, but I hope that monkey is in a better place. Like torturing Marge Gutterman in hell! YEAH I SAID IT.
  15. The 7/8/13 edition of People has a photo of Andrew Garfield on the set of Spiderman with his stunt double, and he's wearing a Howard the Duck shirt (pages 12-13)! Do you think he's a HDTGM fan? Or he just has horrible taste in films?
  16. I'm so glad you guys finally reviewed this shitpile of a movie! I was also so glad to hear Tony from Cleveland talk about the flight scene and how ridiculous it was that there were palm trees in the background. Although the movie is set in Cleveland, the flight scenes were filmed in Marin County, which is just north of San Francisco and where George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch is located, and neighboring Sonoma County. The scene where Howard and Tim Robbins zoom down over a podunk village meant to be Cleveland and across a river was filmed in Petaluma, CA, once known as the egg capital of the world and, tragically, where I grew up. Petaluma has been the site of many a HDTGM-worthy movie, including Inventing the Abbots, the Jeremy Irons remake of Lolita, and Peggy Sue Got Married, starring The Eternal Nicholas Cage and a very young Jim Carrey. It's also where Winona Ryder is from- she got her start shoplifting from our local comic book store! They just bulldozed her old junior high school to build a Target. America!
  17. HeyDumDum

    The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)

    I would also like a Garbage Pail Kids episode! I tried watching this a few months ago and had to bail when they starting singing about sharing and caring after about 10 minutes. Please endure this for me, I have not the strength for it myself.
  18. HeyDumDum

    Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

    SECONDED!!! I would also like for the HDTGM crew to really get to the bottom of how slutty Radioactive Man's outfit is. He is a brazen hussy!
  19. HeyDumDum


    OMG yes! This movie is appallingly amazing. There is a full-on fisting scene going on in one of those nightclubs. And the part where a gigantic burly black man wearing nothing but a jockstrap and cowboy hat/boots walks in and bitchslaps both Pacino and the suspect. For. No. Reason.
  20. HeyDumDum

    Ewoks: The Battle For Endor (1985)

    But does it have diabeetus???
  21. HeyDumDum

    Nothing But Trouble - Horrifying

    I remember watching and liking this movie as a child, too! I also remember the really awful trailer that used to be on TV. I tried to find it on YouTube but it doesn't appear to be up there. It was basically the movie poster but with the mouths blurred out and live-action mouths were saying the trailer dialogue- just like . The narrator would VO "Demi Moore loves Nothing But Trouble" over some scenes of the movie, with the cut back to the poster and her "lips" mouthing the words "nothing but trouble" along with the narrator. Then it would continue with "Chevy Chase loves Nothing But Trouble!" "Dan Akroyd loves Nothing But Trouble!" Wow it was bad. Wish I could reference a video.