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  1. Does anyone know why Zouks and St. Claire don't do more stuff together? They were a duo at one point in time. What happened with that?

    What? they almost always appeared together on CBB. Zouks has been on all of st clairs tv shows. I4H together, etc. They still perform together all the time given how busy they are.

    They're not full-time writing partners anymore like they were about a decade ago but it seems like that's just a life thing, not everyone is Mick+Keith 2gether 4ever

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  2. As one of the 80% of smartphone owners who uses an Android phone, I reject all calls to stop whining. For too long, we silent majority have been treated as second class app citizens. Ignored by these elitist Hollywood jerks because we refused to bow down. Cast aside because we chose to be individuals. Crush underheel because we're too poor to buy an iPhone. No longer.


    I make my stand here. I refuse to pay for CBB anymore until Android has a Howl app.



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  3. At the top of the show when Ku said they were counting down his top 5 songs on Spotify I immediately assumed we were going to listen to the songs Nick has most listened to on spotify. While I think this chart was awesome too, wouldn't it be really sweet to hear non-musicians count down the songs they most listen to songs on Spotify? The guests would be excited about the chart and have a lot to talk about.


    EDIT: It looks like Spotify disabled the feature to show most listened to songs but they might bring it back.




    Are there other apps that allow you to see your most listened to songs?


    Spotify can integrate with Last.fm scrobbling if you still use Last.fm