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  1. Same. And it's been great so far. Especially Hotdog's vision journal about being in Sha Na Na.
  2. Oh man, PFT coming in like a bat out of hell off mic.
  3. nathanpierce

    Episode 4 — Rattle and Hum

    I thought the same thing. They obviously won't talk about anything else but U2.
  4. nathanpierce

    Episode 277 — Comedy Bang Me!

    ok, so based off their three appearances, The Bachelor Brothers: - Have put Scott on their label - Have forgotten Scott is on their label - They are 13 year old twins - They each have 2 15 year old daughters (Taylor, Lautner, Misogyny, Intolerance) - They have the same wife - They recorded Silverchair - They produced Throwing Copper by Live - They came out fucking (Barrett's penis in Benny's butt) - They fuck each other in sleeping bags - They have no genitals - They are apparently rich - Their currency is turkey - They're worried about child labor laws It truly is a lack of consistency in character, babe.
  6. nathanpierce

    Episode 276 — LIVE from SXSW 2014 II

    nathanpierce is applauding Va-Gino bowing to the audience.
  7. nathanpierce

    Episode 3 — The Joshua Tree

    So we all agree that if there is a biopic about The Edge, Harris should play him, right?
  8. nathanpierce

    Episode 170.5 — 3/7/14 TWO CHARTED 109

    WHOOO TWOOO CHARTED! Good shout with the Dead Milkmen song. And holy crap those Springsteen covers are crazy.
  9. My favorite episode as a whole is still the Travel Bug (and it probably will after this is done), but I do think this is Andy Daly's best episode performance wise. Don's his best character, and he was on point and was a conductor for everyone else in this episode. Good good stuff. Can't wait for Disney's "Horses Camels Warthogs Lizards and Birds Fucking Fucking and Fucking"
  10. nathanpierce

    Episode 2 — The Unforgettable Fire

    That's on War. They mentioned it on the last episode when they recapped War but skipped it figuring everyone knew that song.
  11. nathanpierce

    Episode 2 — The Unforgettable Fire

    Okay, I stand corrected: 4 I Love Films episodes, A Talkin Bout Money episode, and a Jucation episode. We are spoiled. Also: "When life hands you live, make Live Aid" SAVE IT FOR THE CORNER FOAMY
  12. nathanpierce

    Episode 2 — The Unforgettable Fire

    I think we're now past the point of U2 that I like. I pretty much feel the same way about War as the Scotts do and I do think it's a perfect album. It's really the only album from U2 I like because I feel like it's a good post-punk record that can be appreciated on a bigger scale. I love post-punk stuff and it's crazy to say U2 has one of the best albums of that style, but that's how good War is. I kind of like The Unforgettable Fire (or the "Martin Luther King Tribute Album" as I like to call it). By the way, we should be so lucky to get three "I Love Film" episodes.
  13. nathanpierce

    Episode 274 — Oh, Golly!

    "The N Word": Scott's new go-to joke destination.
  14. This is the funniest podcast episode of any show from any network in any universe ever. EVER! "YAY KEVIN SPOKE!"
  15. Goddamn, Eugene Cordero is so fucking funny. Really enjoyed his waiter character in the Date sketch, and his character afterward was really funny. Danielle and Sean were also great as usual. I thought the use of Ben Lee was really cool too. Cool interview with him and Matt. You should try to do that again with other songwriters.
  16. nathanpierce

    Episode 169 — Jaws is better

    lol at Howard slipping "my friend" quietly under his breath in reference to Pharell.
  17. Now if we can only get Gerry to return on this podcast and talk about playing the blues with his bros.
  18. nathanpierce

    Episode 273 — Vape Cod

    Anyone else lose their shit when Shelly talked about Brett Butler being on Flight 93? Thought that was the fucking funniest.
  19. nathanpierce

    Episode 168.5 — 2/21/14 TWO CHARTED 107

    Did Sandy B take Howard's manhood T Swift style?
  20. Gethard delivered during that Wet Dream sketch. Loved how he flipped the script on everyone. Credit to the guys for their personal stories as well. Really good episode.
  21. nathanpierce

    Announcing "U Talkin' U2 To Me?"!

    Uno....Dos.....Tres......NEW PODCAST!
  22. nathanpierce

    Episode 272 — Sex Party Season

    Can't wait to read your Diary.
  23. nathanpierce

    Episode 120 — Wild Horses

    Lauren's always disgusted by something on the show. Fucking lost my shit when she tried to shut down the cheese shop scene Besser was starting. Also, do we have a female Harris Wittels in Erin Whitehead?
  24. How ironic: http://nypost.com/2014/02/16/rosie-perez-book-spills-details-on-long-running-feud-with-j-lo/
  25. nathanpierce

    Episode 271 — Tiny Little Boy Parts

    Even better one.