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  1. nathanpierce

    Episode 239 — New Dad

    Yeah, Jay was actually really entertaining and did a good job encouraging the character. Besser's dad character having the same complaints as he did on the recent i4h for the laughs.
  2. nathanpierce

    Episode 141.5 — 08/16/13 TWO CHARTED 80

    Once again, Iced Boba and the Choctaw checked out another good concert in The National.
  3. nathanpierce

    Episode 141 — Jersey Bonding

    "Last fight I got in was at a Weezer show" Oh, boy.
  4. Ok, this has been pretty fucking great so far. I'm about 25 minutes in. This could be a better format with guests with Har Mar while reading this, but Har Mar adapting his already sultry tones to the character work from this book is amazing alone. And wtf at that intro? That book has got a mess load of dedications and motives. And I never knew about LLCJ's nerve damage.
  5. nathanpierce

    Episode 69 — Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles

    Eddie was a delight, and Matthew Berry's insight was a lot of fun to listen to. Jason and Paul at the end were epic.
  6. Oh man, Scott is killing it with these silly references. All in like the span of four minutes "Oh! Help me OB One!" "She's got Elvis Presley thighs!" "What's with the Asians? It's like UCLA just got out"
  7. "Jas---err, I mean, Eric". Ten minutes in. Already hilarious.
  8. nathanpierce

    Episode 159 — Stink Sacks

    Very gracious for this episode. Toby Huss has done a lot of great things that I don't think I've taken in full appreciation. He was awesome on Pete and Pete. He was awesome as Cotton/Kahn on King of the Hill. He was REALLY fucking funny when he did Reno 911. This was a really cool insider with Huss, and his stories growing up and making a living were really fascinating.
  9. nathanpierce

    Episode 237 — Filipino Blockbuster

    I really enjoyed this episode. Tito Ben asking for the WYR theme song really killed me.
  10. This was such a fun and sweet interview. Might be one of my favorite episodes Har Mar's done just because Har Mar did really well with a young guest. Art and Basketball and Coldplay!
  11. nathanpierce

    Episode 140 — Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    I'm still in the opening minutes of the episode. I just want to say: 1. Armen's awkwardness is hilarious, especially combined with Scott's curiousity. 2. I also saw the Americanrama tour (in Virginia Beach). Curious as to what Iced Boba and the Choctaw thought about the show. I thought My Morning Jacket were amazing.
  12. nathanpierce


    I watch Boardwalk Empire, and Richard is my favorite character. I was quite amused by PFT's Harrow presentation at first. I didn't feel like it was going anywhere after a while, but it got strong and got really funny near the end of the show. Rob was great, and did really well with PFT's Harrow. Good episode. The obvious highlight was Harrow taking over WYR.
  13. nathanpierce

    Episode 92 — Dead Man’s Rock

    Adam Pally bringing the Bro character out of hiatus. Or, according to PFT, Adam Pally bringing the Adam Pally character out of hiatus.
  14. Jake, whatever you do, DON'T PLAY SETTLERS OF CATAN!
  15. nathanpierce

    X-Men: First Class

    This film was far from perfection, but it was still entertaining and served it's purpose. I liked it. I thought McAvoy and Fassbender had great chemistry together. It was really sleek and visually great movie. I don't think the script is the most overrated aspect of the film though. I thought the script was terrific. I DO think the most overrated aspect of the movie was the acting. Aside from McAvoy, Fassbender, and Bacon (for the majority), I didn't really think some of the cast was as great or captivating as critics made them out to be. Jennifer Lawrence felt really awkward in most of her scenes (probably her worst acting job yet, but I've only seen like 5 of her movies). January Jones was DREADFUL. She just acted like a drone the entire time. Some of the scenes with the younger team would have been better with better acting. But for the most part, I liked X-Men: First Class. I can tell you that you are not alone in not caring for this movie, but I don't think it is worth a HDTGM episode. I would take a full HDTGM episode that is just about the scene in First Class where Kid Magneto was freaking out at Shaw killing his mother. I laughed out really loud in the theater during that scene and the people around me thought I was crazy and cold-hearted. Now THAT was an awful scene.
  16. nathanpierce

    Episode 139.5 — 08/02/13 TWO CHARTED 78

    This sounds crazy, and I know neither Stard nor Howard want to hear this, but I could listen to nearly two hours of this every week. Holy shit it was an amazing roller coaster. The opening was great, the special guest was great, the ripping on Gelman was great, the Octopus riff was amazing. Great stories. Holy shit, what a crazy episode.
  17. nathanpierce

    What scenes belong in I4H Best Of Vol. 3??

    "Tom Petty" from Episode 85 (Animal Lovers about 45 minutes in) "Scatting Gentleman" from Episode 75 (Dark Side of the Moon around 54 minutes in) "George Lucas in Heaven" from Episode 78 (A Crew around 29 minutes in) "Laser Dollars" from Episode 82 (Apocalypse Crushes 38 minutes in) "Freaky the Rasta Clown" from episode 70 (Freaky the Rasta Clown 1 hour seven minutes in) "Asher Roth/Comedian Impressions" from Episode 77 (There, There My Bear Bear 5 minutes in) "Lady Bee Driver" from Episode 83 (Driving Yellow Jackets around 22 minutes in) "Keeping the Mystery" from Episode 68 (Devil's Penis Pass 37 minutes in) "Romeo and Juliet" from Episode 88 (Rubber Band Stand about 55 minutes in) "High School Experience" from Episode 80 (Do You Sell Fuck Pillows 28 minutes in) And yeah, I'll have to figure out my favorite from Episode 92
  18. nathanpierce

    Episode 92 — Dead Man’s Rock

    Gemberling killed it in this episode.
  19. nathanpierce

    Episode 47 — Car Car Binks

    I lost my shit at the explanation of the Bill Maher the Science Car skit.
  20. nathanpierce

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3

    Do this movie as an episode and get Brendan Walsh to talk about the gay Pug for an hour.
  21. nathanpierce

    Episode 234 — Changing The Bandage

    I enjoyed the interview portion with Bill Hader. I really did. I did feel like he kind of derailed some portions of Seth Morris' act as Ducca (which as usual was amazing), and I did feel like there were certain aspects that he didn't get or didn't play along with the right way. I was a tad bit disappointed, because I do like Hader. But he was still enjoyable for the most part and I got a good chuckle from the end of the episode. Like I said, Ducca killed it. The lists get better and better. I love all the silly and obviously fake names, but the bit really gets fucking funny when he drops real stuff. Like, the Darius Rucker drop in the middle killed me. There have been an awesome wave of episodes and bits as of late. Great spring and summer for the CBB podcast. Especially the past 3 or 4 weeks with these B-B-B-B-Bonus-s-s-s-s-s episodes.
  22. nathanpierce

    Episode 138.5 — 07/26/13 TWO CHARTED 77

    Stard is the Benjamin Gates of Trap EDM. Someone should photoshop Stard's head on top of Nic Cage's body from National Treasure with the phrase "I cracked the code."
  23. nathanpierce

    Episode 7 — A Crazy Moment in Phishtory

    I thought Nick's line of "someone should drop a toaster in that bathtub" was the gem of the episode, personally. I've listened to all seven episodes. I'm mixed on Phish. I can't really get into a lot of their songs as a whole. They do some really neat things, but instantly ruin those neat things with either a bad direction or just shitty, shitty lyrics. And alothugh Nick was a tad bit excessive in his distain (which was hilarious, but still a bit much), he made some great observations that I agree with. But overall, I respect the musicianship of the group. All four men are very talented. And has Scott heard David Bowie yet? I'm sure he'll have a field day shitting on that song.
  24. nathanpierce

    Episode 230 — Something for Everything

    A funny rap by Neil, and yeah, Reggie's rap did remind me of 'Kenneth'. This episode was a regular Craster's Keep!
  25. Decent episode. It felt like it took Julian a while to get comfortable and at times, I had to turn up the dial on my radio just to catch what he was saying, but it was still a pretty fun episode. Not my favorite (probably either the Father John Misty, Flea, or Cedric episode.), but still an entertaining Nocturnal Emotions as usual. I liked how the show idea basically evolved into developing the Dumb and Dumber high school play. And "Old Timey Dick Paintings" made me laugh hard.