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    Yeah, they explain in the episode that it'll be joining at the end of the month. The full episodes will be free, or buy a subscription and get a weekly bonus episode and video versions of the main and bonus podcast.


    Deal of the Century. So thrilled by this news.


    I'll be next. I'm surprised at the lack of Horatio. My favorite episode (247 - Meadows/Sanz) seems to be pretty far down the list of most people.


    But as it has been said, it's hard to disagree with the list. Just a bunch of really strong episodes this year. Can't wait to complain about 2014's list.




    Lack of Horatio was really surprising. Even from the B-B-B-B-Boooooooooonus-s-s-s-s clips.

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  3. The Lady Lamb The Beekeeper album as a whole is kind of a mixed bag, but "Bird Balloons" is definitely the best song on the album. Good pick to throw out there. Hell, lots of good stuff on these lists: Har Mar, Mikal Cronin (surprised Jonah didn't go Wavves or Surfer Blood or FIDLAR), Foxygen, King Tuff, White Denim. Good stuff.