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  1. freeagent

    Episode 180 — Zach Braff Disease

    Ty came here just to see if anyone had found clips of his trollz days!
  2. freeagent

    Episode 286 — Time Bobby 3

    Just finished this and I already need to listen to it again.
  3. I'm not a big Bonohead either but this podcast has made me want to start listening to some U2 LPs. Plus I'm a little intrigued that they are working with Dangermouse on their new album. But yeah this podcast is amazing.
  4. freeagent

    Episode 284 — A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour

    I've listened to bits and pieces of TAH and when the first character came in I started thinking I may not like the episode. However, I thought it ended up being pretty funny, especially when PFT came in. "RIddle Me This" is always great and I thought it had some great contributions this time around. That being said I probably won't run out and start listening to TAH just because that format is not really up my alley.
  5. freeagent

    Episode 282 — Wompster's University

    They moved to a new studio within the past couple of months
  6. freeagent

    Just bought tickets to the show at skirball center may 11

    I have only been to the shows he has done at Comic-Con for the past 2 years so things may be a bit different. He will typically come out, do some bits, then have the guests come out for a little bit. After that he will launch into the recording of the live podcast and restart the show. It's a reallllly fun time and it's awesome to see some of these people perform their characters live. Last year I got to see Paul Rust do some new no-nos which was like a dream come true. And yes typically he does a meet and greet after to the show but please don't make it awkward like I tend to do! You're gonna have an awesome time.
  7. freeagent

    Episode 282 — Wompster's University

    I'd love to see them on but my concern is how do you translate her to the screen? I just might prefer for her to exist solely in my imagination. Yes. It seemed to me like she was merging some of of DJ Forsythia's traits with Listler and I am not against that.
  8. freeagent

    Episode 282 — Wompster's University

    Oh my God, Tig is hilarious. Forgot about these. Anyways, this episode was great and I enjoyed it more than last year's Springtime womp session.
  9. freeagent

    Episode 281 — Bro Boarders

    "Vagina Jeep"?! This episode was great. Love Scott's subtle "the white house has terrible cell phone reception."
  10. freeagent

    Episode 280 — DuALity

    hmm I think now that it has been used multiple times, the current theme is better just because Scott came so close to picking the correct theme but missed it by THAT much. And it's just funnier to me if people notice it and call him out on it.
  11. freeagent

    Episode 279 — Reverse April Fools

    Yeah she is amazing. Like as soon as I hear that traci voice I get a smile on my face. I loved the cookie monster call back she did. This was an outstanding ep all around.
  12. freeagent

    What guest do you want to see?

    I've never heard them on podcasts before but I'd really like to hear Kate McKinnon and Nasim Pedrad. Also has Jim Rash been on? He'd probably be pretty great.
  13. freeagent

    Episode 173 — Doughnut Agree

    I agree. I was really put off by the "teeth falling out" remarks. And we get it, PSH died from an overdose. Do you need to tey and make a joke about it 5 times within a 2 minute span? I usually like a good guest host ep and April was doing fine but I couldn't get past ML.
  14. No. You're way off. Scott is definitely better than Scott.
  15. freeagent

    Old Dogs Redux

    I agree. I pray for a OD pt.2. Bring back CW but just make it longer. This one of my "favorite" movies that they've done.
  16. freeagent

    Will We Get a Farts and Procreation 4?!

    I thought episode 3 was great as well. When Chelsea was on last week they both seemed like they were game. These things tend to come out more towards summer so thereis is still time. And oh yeah. ...I would totally tune in for a Scott and Chelsea live morning show.
  17. Ooooooh good point! And I actually hope that is the case.
  18. Didn't they go to that phish concert in August of last year? I can't wait for the day the next AP is released.
  19. Seriously anytime Harris is on is great. I wish he was a more frequent guest.
  20. freeagent

    Episode 278 — Only Tones

    I thought the musical guests were great as well. And I can only imagine how great this would've been if Jon Hamm had shown up.
  21. freeagent

    Did you see Ghost Shark?

    it was amazing. every death scene was fantastic.
  22. freeagent

    Episode 82.5 — Minisode 82.5

    I read an article about this and I actually want to watch it because it sounds atrocious. That being said, I will be waiting until this movie hits my local budget theater ($2) before I check it out.
  23. Can you give me any info on whatever the song Scott wants everyone to sing to Todd is? I'm going to see him tomorrow and don't think I can spring for the live package right now
  24. freeagent

    Space Jam (1996)

    I have to agree. In my opinion it's just not that bad of a movie. Maybe I'm biased because I loved it as a child and do own it on blu-ray, but it's not on the same level of badness as other films.