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  1. CELEBRITY PAUL SCHEER?!?!? What a get!!!



    I'm so excited for Hotwives, I feel like I saw the trailer at least a year ago and I'm so excited it's almost finally here


    I feel bad that his last appearances was commadered by the Stallone Bro's. Though given the tragic circumstances Frank is in my prayers regardless.

  2. I am curious - do you have the same problem when Andy Daly's characters talk about repulsive sex acts?


    In fairnes Andy generally talks about them in the past tense, James' characters throw down mid show. Mind, I still find it hilarious, but I can see how the distiction would make it less palatable.

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  3. I liked this one better than the 2nd but less than the 1st. It started and finished brilliantly, but it kind of dragged in the middle. Mind, the acronym bit has never been a favorite of mine so I might biased. Bobby is one of three people where I feel like PFT can kick it into 3rd gear and they can still push him. I really wish he was on more. Fantastic stuff.

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  4. I started listening about a year ago, although I powered through every episode, and I love this show. I just wanted to say I think the new show format is going to be great. Blaine has a great DMing style and I can't wait for Sark to be on the other side of the table. Keep up the great work.


    Welcome to the boards. I have honestly never seen a more pleasent and likeable group of internet commenters with a better relationship with podcast we listen too.

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  5. If you're wondering how their campaigns go or other DM stuff,

    just repeat to yourself 'its a free podcast...I should really just relax!'


    Part of the fun is pointing out the very loose interpration of the rules. Ken dignityless illusionist, who for no reason is a slight of hand stage magican, is a wild misinterpration of the class, and it absoultey made the episode. By the same token it made no sense that Brian's grim grave digger was at a magic show holding his junk,still loved it, and there is a certain pleasure in discussing the absurdity of it. It's like a marvel "No-Prize".


    I imagine it safe to assume that anyone listening closely enough to note these things has a deep affection for the show.

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  6. I'm chiming in with hope that they reroll also. I know a lot of fans (not to mention the players) have gotten attached to these characters but I really don't want to hear Blaine try to pick up where Sark left off, because it sucked.

    Honestly I'm very happy about this change. I was actually getting quite sick of this adventure and had started hoping that the group would stop recording play sessions and just do recaps/rants on games and other stuff instead.

    Looking forward to what Blaine can bring, though it is a bit worrisome that he missed so many sessions last time and is now responsible for running the game.


    You're very brave for pushing through as long as you did. Hopefully you still found the strength to boo children playing and heckle open mic nights.

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  7. How bittersweet to know that Gerry is finally coming back but Sark is leaving. Great campaing, great finish, great people. I progressively enjoyed every episode of the this run more and more. ( the possible exception of the elevator interlude), but I'm really looking forward to a fresh start.


    I have a suspicion that Damien isn't actually evil. He may turn out to be some variety of neutral. I don't have much to back this up, other than his actions so far can be viewed either way (at least from a Lawful Good perspective) and his spells seem to be twinned (e.g., Detect Evil and Detect Good.)


    Of course, I'm not even sure they're using the old 2D alignment system, so...


    He's as evil as Amarth Amon was good.



    Right? Relearning spells while running around too!! I hate rules lawyers but some nod to the basic rules wouldnt change the gameplay.


    Overall though, dont stop being the loveable misfits that you all are, Nerd Poker-ers!!


    This message brought to you by "Complaining about a free Podcast, the makers of Bitching about cell phone reception and First World problems"!!


    It just shows that we are invested and paying attention. If your audience is listening closely enough to pick out game mechanic flaws you've got the hook deep.

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  10. Ok so you guys are horrible at following the rules or knowing the spells or weapons and I almost never care cuz the comedy and story are amazing but. Bart swinging a sword and only doing one point of damage STRENGTH BONUS. SHIT. I am losing it. Screaming at my iPhone.


    The only bit that bothered me recently was Brian have to chose Cleric spells when he went up in level. He should have access to a few schools in entirety, he just can only memorize a few at a time. Mind I still love the show dearly an don't stress the fine points for the most part. But given how long they've been playing their grasp of the magic basic is a tad shaky.

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