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  1. Hello fellow nerds, another fanart here, this time of Mildred Maxton.


    She is prone to give thumbs up, but there is this moment in episode 13 wich is burned in my memory. When they were on the whole lift adventure the group had two prisoners. As the lift came to a stop on a floor with three enemies Bartho and Blackie incinerated them scaring the prisoners to death, intensified by an intimidation roll by Mildred to get them to move the elevator up. As they reached their destination Mildred tried to calm them giving them a stern thumbs up. The situation was so absurd and awkward that although not one of the most memorable it made me crack up at the moment.


    So here it is, Mildred and her wacky thumbs up.



    This is the best! You are all so great, but this was one of my favorite moments of the show.

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  2. Sark, is the gas world based off of the one Carl Sagan talks about in an episode of Cosmos? I remember him talking about floaty gas creatures and flying shark monsters that would eat them.