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  1. Lauren's character and performance is just amazing here
  2. Cool premise but never really took off for me
  3. Enjoyed the ep. Also: Besser owes Lapkus a Durst. This can only bode well for comedy.
  4. Loved this trilogy and episode. Was great to see the characters flesh themselves out and interact with each other, and Charlie and Colton both brought a lot to the final ep. Reminded me a bit of Andy Daly's Podcast Pilot Project. I don't think I've listened to something with that balance of form/character and improv before, but I enjoyed both a ton.
  5. RobotCastle

    Episode 156 — Frozen Wogurt

    Enjoyed Matt being bleeped during the ad ha. And Charlie was great
  6. Loved Seth's opening to the hat/golf/blowjob scene. He always gives such background and depth to characters.
  7. RobotCastle

    Episode 147 — Old Dread Ben

    I love how PFT doesn't say the child says, Hey that's mine! in an intense or whiny voice, but just, "Miine, Miine" cracked me up.
  8. Loved the ep. Also, what song is the intro from?
  9. Great episode, and the road rage/Sunday Italian Dinner/Atlantis sketch is an instant classic. Thanks for the show, humans!
  10. RobotCastle

    Episode 117 — Meaty Meaty Hands

    Hope it doesn't land on a flower, then it'll break. I lost it
  11. RobotCastle

    Episode 104 — A Hotel Tell

    The teachers and jurors make me physically sick. The lawyer is an oddball for sure but seemed to have more of a weird fascination with the murderer rather than explicit homophobia. Bold move to take that down a humorous route, but I think it worked well. Daly's madness at the end. I forgot in my miiind!, approaches a sort of Double-Rainbowesque confusion and enchantment.
  12. RobotCastle

    Episode 91 — Biohazard Acoustics

    That episode was a real dousie. Loved the vegan and atheist sketches, and their interplay.
  13. RobotCastle

    Episode 88 — Rubber Band Stand

    First post! Just want to say this is one of my all time favorite episodes. The first scene was so-so, a quick warm up, but after that it was greatest hit after greatest hit. All four performers were outstanding, from funny voices to Space Jam to not being a regular guy to The Gwynch.