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  1. sonofsmallface

    No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)

    We need to find out whether in June's estimation - they would qualify as being street fighters or not.
  2. sonofsmallface

    Shoot 'em Up (2007)

    I'd totally forgotten about this movie. I'd love to hear it as an episode. Surely this is up there in the same category as Crank for it's batshit craziness. Albeit with a hell of a lot more ridiculousness. Death by character, sexy-time slaughter! I might have to watch this again just for the hell of it.
  3. sonofsmallface

    DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

    Aw man... has anyone seen the Dead or Alive movie? It's so good/bad. I only just found out about it this morning and snuck the first 15 minutes of it in at work and it's dynamite. It genuinely feels like the script was written by a ten year old. Just incredible. Some comedies fail to come up with such funny dialogue. Within the first ten minutes you get a shinobi princess who jumps off of a sword, over like a 50 ft wall - the other side of which appears to be a 10,000ft drop, she just uses her dress to glide and somehow catches an invite to the fighting tournament mid air... bearing in mind... she wasn't expecting one - and, I have no idea how whoever threw it guessed that she'd be in that approximate area of the sky at that particular time. and there's a scene where (former popstar) Holly Willoughby does a Basic Instinct moment, but then asks someone to pass her her bra, kicks the guy out of the guys hand beats everyone in the room up while her bra and the gun are flying through the air, then puts her hands up - through the bra and catches the gun. Honestly, just watch this movie.
  4. sonofsmallface

    No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)

    Nande yo!!! How is it possible? They still haven't done it. Come on, watch it! I mean... the ghost of Bruce Lee - how could you not watch it?
  5. sonofsmallface

    No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)

    For the love of all things low budget why have you not covered this yet? Please, I'm begging you, watch this! You will want to do it for sure. I mean it's Jean-Claude Van Damme's first role in which his character has a name. It's got SO many hilarious elements. I mean, workout scenes in which the good guy works out by having his little black buddy sit on his crotch while he thrusts said crotch up and down! Honestly, anyone on this forum who has not seen this film - needs to watch it! I could actually write a 100 pages on all the things that make this film hilarious, but I think the surprises need to be left for the viewer.
  6. sonofsmallface

    Fist of the North Star!

    Oh man, this is perfect for a How Did This Get Made episode. Live action remake of a p popular manga film featuring Ruffio, the bent cop from from robocop 2, that that ugly bald guy who is in tons of films but no one seems to know his name. And Malcolm McDowell. It features 70's style zooming in to extreme close ups ups to actors eyes even though it was made in 1995. Marvel at the quote unquote intense face expressions of the main character. Wonder at his Australian sounding accent (even though he's British) and his truly terrible delivery. Watch as people kicking each others legs causes lighting. See Ruffio recreate his death scene from Hook (whoops, spoiler alert). This film must have had a fairly large budget. It was intending to be a hit given that the anime film had a cult following at the time. I think you will love this film. It's available on youtube and it's awesome. I was a fan of the animated film but if you haven't seen it it will seriously add to the 'What the fuck is going on' element. Please, do yourself a favour and watch it. P.s. I'm writing this on a mobile device and can't see what I've already written... might want to talk to squarespace about that... but anyway I have no idea if I've made horrible typos in this.
  7. sonofsmallface

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    Oh man, I'm a fan of listening to podcasts of my favourite radio shows of my native country of England (living way out east now) and they have been going on about this film all week, sadly they can't see it until August. No idea if I will ever be able to see it. But even if I can't, I'd love to hear it discussed.
  8. sonofsmallface

    Movie 43 (2013)

    I tried to search the forum for this but it said it didn't match any results! How is this possible? How did that film get made? Or is there some reason why that film hasn't been mentioned? Or maybe it's just so bad, it's not even worth doing. I mean, it's hard to make fun of it when it's so blatantly shit. A film needs to somehow been seen as trying to be good (and failing) to be funny right? Still. It is possibly the worst film ever.