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  1. Hayes you've been to jail?? I expect this of Sean, but you Hayes?
  2. "you haven't sold out yet or you haven't succeeded". boy, once Cody's finished his terror campaign of tehnical difficulties, I want to see Jo Firestone on Hollywood Handbook.
  3. Since there was no ep I'm listening to that pod about the Mansons that's been getting in a lot of year-end writeups
  4. Soundcloud used to publish download numbers for Earwolf shows so anybody could go and get a sense, and it was true back then.. I think both Adam Sachs and Jeff Ulrich have said as much in various forums postings but you'll have to take my word for it.
  5. Do that thing where they downshift into broken grammar, and when people yell at you for being unfunny and say you should talk like a normal person, double down w/ a too scary.
  6. He was covering his bases after getting ticked off for calling RanRan a manman.
  7. I'm ten minutes shy of the end but I'm willing to award this the best call-in ep award. The mean part of me wants to say that's because of no-Chanson, but really I just think the boys have got more ruthless in steamrolling the guests. e: Tim! Don't call while your driving Tim, people care about you. e2: seriously the boys talk so much faster than regular when they have to shepard folks w/ maybe not their razor-sharp comedic insincts. also Hayes learned from Eggs how to just cut calls dead. Cheers to the Cards Against Humanity caller, you were doing really well, shame about the Peak Rando thing kinda ruined it.
  8. skizelo

    A Classic Reality Show Show Discussion

    That was forums poster Jerkface, who stopped posting anywhere to my knowledge, which most assuredly means he died.
  9. This is why I will never call in to a show, or listen to a call-in show.
  10. I just thought to pop-in and say: did anyone catch that the week after the forum was buzzing about Doughboys, Sean called in to Handbook East and said how podcasts are "conversations that you wish were over already" about "meals that you hadn't eaten"... Sean, baby, it's the interaction between Wiger and the spoonman we love!
  11. boys, i'm sorry i let you down.. i didn't call because i'm in another country and i thought it'll cost me. in recompense, i'll buy one of yr new t-shirts to sleep in... boys, forgive me...
  12. Sean going off on political things Hayes wants no part of is one of my fave "running gags" i hope they pick it up.
  13. I wont call in to the gal, but the best of luck to whomsoever does. maybe talk about the paris thing.
  14. Engineer Ryan making a strong play to be known as the least game Engie. Mike O'Brien was great, managed to get himself up to speed quickly despite not listening to the show.
  15. I bet Harry's is going to have some qualms about the boys saying their razors can be used in a suicide pact, but they'll swallow their pride once orders go through the roof.
  16. Lightly grope... that's just called touching.
  17. Hmm... I listened to it three times and I didn't clock that maybe Hayes hijacked the bit but btw the context does not support a terrorism thing but instead some kind of affair Sean might be having.
  18. I hate to reach out like this, but can anyone explain to me the Ronda Rhousey timestamping joke?
  19. Love Sean's tenacious style on the phone call.
  20. skizelo

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    The correct order to listen to today's crop of sodes (or skip to the last 3 minutes if yr short on time) is HDTGM thenCBB. I managed to piece it together after chancing to listen to them out of sequence, but it really took it out of me.
  21. skizelo

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    my fav earwolf pods? 1) affirmation nation w/ bob ducca 2) anaylyze phish 3)by the way w/ jeff garlin 4) comedy bang bang 5) eardrop 6)earwolf challenge 7)earwolf presents 8) glitter in the garbage 9)hollywood handbook 10)how did this get made 11) improv 4 humans 12)kevin pollack's chat show 13) love, dad 14)mike detective 15) nerd poker 16)never not funny 17)nocturnal emotions 18)own and tj read the news 19)pod cats 20) professor blastoff 21)QUESTIOn of the day 22) roanna and beverly 23)rafflecast 24)seth godin's startup school 25) shortwave w/ grant lee phillips 26)sklarbors countru 27) spont! 28)the andy daly pilot podcast project 29)the apple sisters podcast 30)the cracked podcast 31)the fogelnest files 32)the hooray show w/ horatioa 33)the reality show show 34)the wolf den 35)topics 36)totally laime 37)u talkin u2 to m2 38) who charted 39_with special guest lauren lapkus 40)womp it up 41) yo is this racist
  22. skizelo

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    the concept of a man in a dress secures the coveted double lol.
  23. skizelo

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    give it back to them and lecture them on morals
  24. skizelo

    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    Love that Sean's Beach Bum voice includes a lot of saying "Aye Carumba" Lol.
  25. Scuzzman, how do you keep track of which smoking babe is which?