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  1. Huh, he's certainly got the potty mouth for the theme-music to make sense!
  2. I saw online that very same exchange about RSS and unfamiliarity w/ the genre happen but then it turned out that the guy had never heard of like, eliminations, and really didn't know which end was up. Frankly, I still don't know how many times that guy sang "Scotty Doesn't Know" on American Idol.
  3. The only Drake I've heard is that snippet that "Mark Wahlberg" uses as entrance music in The Wahlberg Solution, that occasional show that glides in under the Sklarbro County label. Guess you could say I'm the world's #1 podcast fan.
  4. It'd be funny to me if everyone on here switched to christmas avis and names, or had done so 4 days ago. Anyway, thanks for posting the Hayes anecdote from TBS, that's pretty funny.
  5. i've got a .txt file of various quotations from the episode, could anyone direct me to this Reddit thing Sean mentioned
  6. Love this epi, really gives a chance for the old Seanomeister to stretch his legs. I feel like a fool for not being on the forum in time to share my good PCGQ, but I'll just put that in the backpocket for the next time a multi-character ventirloquist guests.
  7. Paul F Tompkin's character Blue Balls? What epi of CBB is he from
  8. This week I got a twitter follower for my various PCGQs, so when I was listening I couldn't concentrate because I really rated my chances this week, and after that I was super excited about once more successfully co-opting the pod for gurella marketing of my own brand. But what I picked up in the haze, uh... the opening segment was very good. Burnt looks super goofy. Did the boys mention how cold the whole thing looked? Because it's got the colour palette of a horror film, like a Ring or a Ringu. Anyway, big fan of Joegert, big fan of PFT, you know I'm a big fan of the boys. Lots of good observations, love what Joe was doing with the bin. I wonder if the "why today?" thing is going to continue on to other recordings, can't wait to make H+S absolutely sick of it, yelling it at them out of passing cars etc. You've got to admire Matt Besser's clout with the studio. Lot of people have to perform their own show-ads, but Besser got one of the engies to cobble together his out of clips. Total power-move.
  9. I recognized yesterday that I had somehow conflated Dominic Dierkes and Thomas Middleditch together in my mind. I was thinking throughout the Gabpod "boy, this guy is really into poker... when does he find time for videogames". How did I make this blunder? Because "Deer kiss" and "Middle Ditch" were both equally good PCG Qs submitted by yours truly
  10. I really liked Hayes calling out Sean on laughing at his own joke
  11. You're not liking the grinder? I think it's pretty good. Also Sean was definitely at a low ebb on that recording, but he was talking about going to casinos and watching old men cash their social security checks for one big bet. Also, I've still not been informed about this other podcast, gimmie a url.
  12. The what? The gabrus podcast?
  13. I'm watching the grinder and in epi 2, there's a "every story needs a Pinchus" which is some pretty gnostic, gosepl of Judas stuff. Cheers to the boys, or whoever in the room is into obscurantist religions.
  14. I need someone to provide a transcript for angry Sean and Brett muttering under their breath at Hayes. The first one seemed like "mm there an echo... fuck you". I could push the volume up high but then Hayes comes in and blows my eardrums out! I guess... I need to do some post-prod w/ audacity?. Anyway, Stephanie Allen was good guest, well done all.
  15. My dad leaves beers closed, 12 years sober we're all proud of you daddy.
  16. Brandon Content, do you have any embarassing stories where your content accidentally got off-brand?
  17. Do we think Nathan Fielder would be a good HH guest? He was on CBB already so I don't think he will be, I was just wondering.
  18. For me the best thing about podcast networks is the content
  19. Doughboys run late about half the time. Even when they're on time it's like, late in the day thursday.
  20. I watched the podcon vid when it first came out (disappeared shortly after, i think they didn't mean it to go out to non-subscribers) but I listened again because of the ads (good content boys) and also Gemberling is very good. Also Brett's interjection ("Sean lives with his dad") was very well timed. I listened to Hayes' Box Angeles thing today, because nobody told me about it when it was released, and this TBS thing. Good extra-podcast content this week Hayes. Sean, I know you're busy, looking forward to The Grinder man, looks good!
  21. The classic Hollywood Handbook game: Chart Goose.
  22. U can also see Hayes Davenport on the web-series "those people"
  23. A Bear, you did great on Greggy's Podcast. I've always marked you down as one of the up and comers of this forum and it was swell to hear you on PAW, a show I've never even been felt out about appearing on, despite being here for ages and having lots of good, and very funny, opinions on 'casts.
  24. Silver's the master of posting something unfunny or I guess maybe offensive but then deleting it before anybody sees it