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  1. I was worried because, having never heard of the guest before, he looked kind of nebbishy and he sounded really low energy. But as he talked, I discovered that he was really funny, and I remembered that I like both of those things. Anyway, Allan McLeod was a good guest. Oh, he did the boy-ghost in those halloween CBB. That's cool.
  2. I'm going to isolate the bit of the lapodfest end where sean tells us all to be kind to each other, and then set that as my avatar.
  3. He even plays a proto-game of Snack or Whack,
  4. I'm listening to old HH epis on Howel but it's not because the boy's insidious marketing strat but because back then they used to say things were too scary, and ask PCG, and now everything is different and confusing. Hayes still laughs like a hyena with a megaphone, before Eggs shamed him out of it. Anyway, Damien Fahey was a really good guest.
  5. If someone yr with doesn't listen to podcasts it's very easy to entertain them because you can just steal jokes wholesale from all yr pod-favourites. Happy birthday and happy birthday-pod.
  6. Whoops, major apologies to the pair. Stop Podcasting Yourself: I used to listen to the eps where PFT was on, but then I unfollowed him on twitter so I don't think I'll ever listen to it again. The Adventure Zone: the McElroy brothers play DnD. Enjoyable to listen to.
  7. Just throwing some other p-casts out there: Pistol Shrimps Radio - 1/2 of Superego improvise a basketball match over a sound effects track of sneakers squeaking and foghorns blaring. With occasional guest Tig Notaro. TWB: all your favourite features, Ask Agata, July's Funny Pages, a hodown... they're all here! Worst Idea of All Time. it's kinda fun to listen to Australian people going insane.
  8. I like how Mitch is half-seriously feuding with like, 40% of their guests.
  9. I relistened to this week's epi while walking around town and i gotta say: it's a good one. nice of sean to step in and make sure we all know hayes doesn't think wasps do the bee-gut-stinger thing, nice of joegert to just pal out. Uh, Andrew Ti seemed a little angry but I think that's just how Sean takes most people.
  10. Also congratulations Sean on yr imminent nuptials. Wishing you a long and happy married life. Agata or Hayes or someone, he's probably too busy to read the forums, so just pass him the word when you see him next
  11. Congrats to Greggy for securing Sean Celmdawg Clements on today's epi of Podcasts are Wonderful.
  12. I've not listened to the epi yet, but I love Joegert. Also, it's Hayes under the christmas tree, when I first saw that snap I thought for sure that'd be a Sean goof, but he's right there, not wearing a tree at all.
  13. Haye's negotiating tactic of insisting they name the podcast to be dropped to make room for him is a classic.
  14. As much as I love Eggs, Hayes, Enginier Cody Cody Boy and Jesse Thorn, I'm too much of a Seanophile for this epi to crack my top ten. The endless recycling of jokes in an attempt to get this right reminds me of the minimalistic musical movement of like Phillip Glass and Micheal Nyman if those guys spent 3 minutes arguing in between going down a scale or w/e.
  15. If we can talk about the backroom boy's podcast, Trends with Benefits, here, let me say: lol at July trying to tackle Zippy the Pinhead, the famously impenetrable strip about 60s kitschy motels and drive throughs. That's an advanced-level strip. Also you should check out Apartment 3G: the artist is 92 and is ignoring the writer's set directions, who has responded by telling a story about tibeten monks and curses. e: if this is the wrong place to talk about TWB pls copy and paste this into the right place thank you.
  16. Do we know what the boys are doing w/ their glut of America hats? are they handing them out to guests along w/ the scratch cards or straight in the bin?
  17. Andrew here, nice to meet you.
  18. Rusty, you used to have blonde hair, but now it's black: are you goth?
  19. You went up to a guy who has 10 podcasts of his own, and told him yr fave is one he was on, once. Major faux-pas, I'd expect some pretty vicious notes from now on.
  20. This week's episode again. Guess i'm a true handbookhead