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  1. but I can't seem to get over this. The fact that everyone was romantically involved with a woman with the same name and not have it raise a red flag to them, is the most ridiculous part of the movie to me.


    It is so ridiculous in fact, that the cop makes fun of the whole group for it. That had to be a frustrated person rewriting the script that did that.

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  2. Why the fuck would Bruce Willis have agreed to do this schlocky, seemingly low-budget P.O.S. in 1994


    Outside of the Die Hard sequels and Pulp Fiction, the early half of the 90's was rough for Bruno. His last 5 movies leading up to this one were: Hudson Hawk, Billy Bathgate, The Last Boy Scout, Death Becomes Her, and Striking Distance. Very up and down to say the least. OK, mostly down. The upswing in his career after this movie is amazing considering how bad it is. He absolutely killed it at the box office in the later half of the decade.

  3. 1. Double Team (1997) - Van Damme, Dennis Rodman and Mickey Rourke. Need I say more? No, but: briefcase gun, basketball puns, and CIA retirement home.

    2. Hudson Hawk (1991) - This movie is like an insane crossover of Oceans Eleven and a musical. Story by Bruce Willis. Featuring villains named after candy.

    3. xXx (2002) - I know the Fast movies are their thing for Vin Diesel, but I can dream.

    4. Exit Wounds (2001) - Really just something with DMX. I picked this because Segal might be a worse actor than Jet Li.

    5. End of Days (1999) - Absolute insanity, complete with a new (at the time) GNR song.


    Honorable mention to Simon Sez. I didn't want two Dennis Rodman vehicles on the list, but this one is Rodman and a young Dane Cook. Two deserving targets.