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  1. Guest time is still way too short.


    I'm developing all sorts of conspiracy theories about what the logistics are here... Like why is this better for Kulap's schedule. Maybe it's easier to get a guest to come in for 20 minutes rather than an hour? Or maybe they are recording the two halves of the show at different times, like maybe the guest parts are all recorded at once and saved up, and just the Two Charted parts are recorded weekly??

  2. I just clicked on the Comedy Bang Bang thread for this week, and some dude is complaining about Betsy Sodaro's voice in the first page or two. It's just such a predictable, boring, unnecessary thing to say.


    And yes I'm sure in the history of time, a man's voice has been criticized, but I mean I can't really come up with an example?

  3. "You look kind of like Shelley Duvall" was a weird compliment


    I also really want to hear an episode about accent disorders, I know a few people whose accents seem to have come out of nowhere, and think it's super fascinating.


    This was a great ep! Such a treat to have the gang back together, they've gotta be one of the busiest podcasts (in addition to being healthiest and best looking)

  4. Yeah I absolutely get where Kyle's coming from. He said something along the lines of "It doesn't feel super good to be a white man right now". This is totally different from complaining that other groups have it easier or worrying that white people will have their privilege taken away (which is how I'm interpreting "hetero white male panic").


    I'm in the software industry which, like comedy, is awash in straight white men. I'm very aware that I had the easiest road to get here, nothing but role models of people who look like me, nobody doubting my intelligence or qualifications. Being aware of that is part of what makes it not feel great. Any event I go to is one more percentage point white male. I'm part of the problem!

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