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  1. Damn, that sucks - I feel bad for Scott and PFT.


    From what I saw on Twitter it looks like Bobby Moynihan showed up for the second show - I saw something about Wyatt Cynac too but I don't know if he showed up for just a few minutes or bailed entirely.


    I would have showed up for both shows last night except that it was the first mother's day for my former girlfriend whom I married and I don't want to have to sleep on the couch.


    I also had to miss the last New York shows in October because those shows landed on the week of her due date - My son's always gumming up my plans - he doesn't let me get to do anything fun!

  2. In case anyone wants Scott Aukerman's Mix -


    1. Pop Muzik (Crossfade after 5 Minutes into Mofo)

    2. Mofo

    3. Do You Feel Loved

    4. Discotheque (Hexadecimal Mix) from The Best of 1990-2000

    5. Last Night on Earth (Single Version)

    6. North and South of the River

    7. Staring at the Sun (New Mix) from The Best of 1990-2000

    8. Gone (Mike Hedges Mix) from The Best of 1990-2000

    9. Please (Single Version)

    10. If you Wear That Velvet Dress

    11. If God Will Send His Angels (Single Mix)

    12. Wake Up Dead Man


    I highly recommend using this image posted earlier in the thread as an album cover!



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  3. This is quickly becoming my favorite podcast, surpassing Comedy Bing Bong


    I have spent the last few weekends binging on U2 concert films and reminiscing about my teens. I'm about 10 years younger than the Scotts so I didn't get into U2 until the Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me era.


    I'm going to attempt to arrange Scott's remixed Pop album this weekend. Hopefully I've got everything on my Mac!