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  1. You gotta wait until Dan Engler changes it for you
  2. Great to meet another listener, but we really don't need to know your sexual history. This keeps happening. I know this week's show got a little randy, but your dick size and whether or not you are a virgin don't matter to us. We're cool.
  3. Greggy, after making that post 2 hours ago I fell asleep again and had a dream where you had found me on AIM (and I still used AIM) and were telling me how to make pretzels.
  4. I'ma make these pretzels. Do you eat em plain? Dip em? Make a sammich?
  5. Wow, you're in a big time movie! Man, lots of forumers getting onto podcasts and movies and all the media. When will it be my time to shine?
  6. Sounds like one red hot shower scene to me
  7. Well how the fuck do I compete with that ^
  8. 10 minutes in and I guess I have my morning set for me now...
  9. Is everyone having a nice night?
  10. Joe went to Washington DC Two lizard people there he did see Barrack said, "Give me toast" Hill' said, "Ya, I'd like some toast" So back to the kitchen did Joe flee
  11. Kumail, have you ever thought of making a tv show about a bear and his daughter who form an investigative team looking into the existence of aliens on Earth except the daughter is always getting distracted from the case by her annoying boyfriend Kevin Connolly and it's called "Scold Her and Maul E"?
  12. Michael Showalter as Gerald 'Coop' Cooperberg in Wet Hot American Summer, what was your favorite part about shooting in Maine?
  13. Bradley Cooper: Why not French sniper?
  14. Kumail, which one of your characters do you find the most difficult emotionally to do? Have any of the actual celebrities you do impressions of confronted you?
  15. ^ this guy's a regular Joe McGurl over here
  16. You guys, for the first time since I moved down here last summer I officially have a real person full time job. That means no more boring contract work from home. I want to thank you all just joking screw you all for making me waste all my days in photoshop these past few months. I imagine this means I wont be posting as much once this starts, or in reality will be posting the same amount just at night and on the weekend until I feel out what work is like. I trust Joe McGurl to rise to this new occasion now that he's a photoshop master, and show brgrho that other people can use the liquify tool too.
  17. Hey diaper, put your money where your mouth is
  18. In defense of the diaper, maybe he's just been listening to the teaser freezer theme too much and wants all the songs to be that good. Sorry, diaper, but sometimes we need new music and sometimes the music can't all be the same or else we get a vanilla ice/queen (that sounds like vanilla ice cream) situation where who knows is what song and everybody's mad. Sometimes you need to throw a hot Treese mix into the ring to liven things up.
  19. You're a real Joseph McGurl