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  1. Passed by myself. Looks like they're doubling down.
  2. I can't tell if this is a bit or not, but are you complaining about the Christian Science Monitor reporting on football?
  3. dixon

    The Forum Forum

    I know this must just be an accident, but it seems that gif avatars are not able to be uploaded anymore. Any idea why this might be happening?
  4. Congrats on getting married, Sean, but we all know where your heart lies
  5. You should listen to this funny podcast becuase it's good.
  6. CLICK HERE to access Sean and Hayes Fun Facebook Quiz ©BuzzFeef Share on Facebook
  7. Allan, your highschool coach used to call you "Molasses Boy". What food-based nickname would you call him to his face if you ran into him today?
  8. The trailer for this R Minions flick is really piquing my interest
  9. Great job on the show description, July. Felt like I had a much more welcoming intro to the podcast this week.
  10. I enjoy the fact that beesound.biz goes to a parked domain on godaddy.
  11. dixon


    Is there a timeline for when the archives on earwolf.com will be pulled?
  12. New TWB today featuring our very special Anastasia! http://www.twb.cool/ep/0000021
  13. Happy Birthday, big man.
  14. Hmm was pretty sure this was Cody's twitter page though: https://twitter.com/FndThClbsNrRBs
  15. Kittens, does the rest of Teddy mirror a similar story to Ted, or do you think Seth MacFarlane saw the first few seconds of Teddy and just went off of that? Also the first time I watched this I was pretty sure you were doing a Mark Wahlberg voice. Maybe that influenced Seth's casting choices.
  16. There is a v good podcast called Podcasts are Wonderful by a v good guy named Greggy that has a v good ep today with a v good guest that I think you'll enjoy.
  17. I think I'm going to wait and see who else is running.
  18. Pat and Ryan seem to have quite the chemistry.