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  1. Wow, very impressive Bozos.
  2. There's also a rule that you're supposed to trim off all this white crap around my gifs but [rock on]
  3. couple a bros rockin out
  4. ACTUALLY, Asia, I was referring to Brett's rendition of the theme song. All of the other singing was very bad and should have been left to Brett.
  5. Brett has the voice of an angel.
  6. No photos, Ags? What am I supposed to gif?
  7. You mention that it seemed to take a while to get there, but I'd say 2 days from Sydney to Googletown is pretty good imo.
  8. Aren't they generally an hour, and occasionally even less?
  9. You don't own me Cody Brett. I can stop doing this whenever I want. Edit: Some of these are more earthquakey than I'd like. Codeman Brettman, if you can stand the fuck still when you're taking these that would be great, because I'm way too lazy to go back and stabilize them.
  10. You guys is tomorrow gonna be the live ep?
  11. Please direct anymore Chanson talk to www.chansontalk.biz
  12. Just post the url, but make sure it's http:// rather than https://
  13. Me too. Everyone should message Valerie. It's important.
  14. It's not the easiest on your phone, but I generally view the forum in desktop mode, and then upload any imgs to imgur, get the url, and paste into the reply box between tags.
  15. Since my dead dog died when I was young, this is the dog I play with now. Her name is Clio and she belongs to my redacted's family. Here she is in profile: Here's her butt: