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  1. I am not even halfway into the episode and I am legitimately scared. In other words, this is great!
  2. DanielJohnson

    Episode 58 — Mani Pedis!

    That's exactly why I came here. But, hey, it's only my first 'blah' moment so far since recently (maybe a week ago) listening to my first ep of this p-cast. I've listened to a bunch now and I think I'm hooked.
  3. A real world foot blood situation...
  4. Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! It's here!! It's HEAR!!! I bought nine sweaters recently. Let me rephrase that. I recently bought Andy Daly's comedy album which is entitled Nine Sweaters. It's funny. Time to listen...
  5. DanielJohnson

    Episode 000 — The Teaser Episode

    I dreamed last night that it was already a week into February and that somehow I had not checked for real episodes of this podcast until #3 had come out already. The feeling of disappointment of not being there from the beginning was saddening. But then I woke up. Guys, I think I'm really looking forward to this!
  6. DanielJohnson

    Episode 79 — Deck the Halls: LIVE!

  7. DanielJohnson

    Episode BO2013.1 — Best of 2013 Pt 1

    It makes me miss the Pod F. Tompkast
  8. DanielJohnson

    Episode 76 — Fair Game

    A couple of things I caught that I can still remember since I don't have my notes with me: In the tender lovemaking scene (that really should have been a throw-down angry quicky - let's be honest), Cindy is being taken to pound town on the car, then flash the nips, she spots the voyeuristic man-butt-loving baddie, goes right for the gun, and when she goes up to shoot, the shirt is instantly back on. I liked how the thermal scope reads 98.6 degrees F for each person. No one commented on how much this movie wants to be Lethal Weapon, even down to the bluesy-crying solo guitar. Maybe it's just me. Billy Baldwin chases that train down and nearly dies solely to bone Cindy. The bad guys still capture her in the end. The ship the Russians are on is a total pile of garbage yet no expense is spared on any other resource. It was even valued correctly I bet. Now, I know very little about commercial freighters but $200k for a ship like that has to be practically nothing. ***REVISED*** I now have my notes. Other items not talked about were: On the train, before Billy takes Cindy to the Bone Zone, but after she has already hit him a couple of times, he is heard yelling the phrase "Why don't you give me your best shot, c'mon!" but this audio was clearly added in post because his lips move to form only about two words. I wonder what the original line was... When the bomb goes off and the alleged bomber starts shooting an automatic weapon,Billy Baldwin takes out his little pistol and goes -completely- sideways shooting and jumping into the water...where, mind you, he would be an easy target, as would a limp, should-be-unconscious, Cindy. Yet the bomber (alleged) runs away. What a dick. All the fire sprinklers go off in the garage when the car explodes (a la Die Hard). Fire sprinklers do not work this way. Each one has a bulb that pops and releases water when it gets to a specific temperature. So, no fire = no heat = no popping bulb. Why is the car tracker the only encrypted data online (the a-hole hacker states that because of this, it will take more time to hack)? They simply needed more time for the scene I guess... I love the beach fight cooch kick On the conveniently placed rescue boat at the end, I love that they hear Russian guy's scream and react to it.
  9. DanielJohnson

    Episode 67 — Sharknado

    Ok, so I know I'm late to this one but I watched it last night. Amazing. Also, I started listening to the podcast from the beginning and I'm almost caught up, so, yay, and I'm looking forward to doing this thing live soon. Here are my observations that I don't think anyone else said, or at least not exactly the same way: Hurricanes form in Africa over the Sahara, moving west. The one in this movie must be the Magellan of hurricanes. Why is this hurricane seemingly targeting a beach bar specifically? (Side note: terrible CGI water physics!) In this world, water flows uphill into houses that appear to be built to contain it yet eventually fall completely to pieces because of it. Perfect! The school bus driver says "Someone from 911 is sending someone over"...Really?! Gas + water in this world is an apparently very combustible mixture. Helicopter controls are not the same as airplane controls. Fin's pistol is used like a sniper rifle. And he happens to be a seasoned sniper. One shot, one kill! Why does the helicopter bomb team get only 3 bombs for 3 tornadoes? You gotta figure they will miss at least once, or, and what's more likely, die horribly while approaching the first tornado. And, finally, did we just witness, at the end of the movie, a flipping SHARK CESAREAN SECTION performed from the inside?!?!? Thanks.