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  1. Superb ep. Tears. Self-reflection. Funny, sad, everything. Scott your're such a sweetheart with your effusive and sincere and deserving praise. Thanks for making all of Harris' eps free for all. I'm listening to them again now. What made me jump over here is episode 52, he comes up with Hot Saucerman right off the bat! What a talent. Still too soon and RIP Harris. Just like you said I feel like i know the guy (as with many podcast guests) better than the typical "content talent" (had to get one joke in...ok, just reference) found on TV/movies, etc.. Love you guys!

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  2. After hearing almost all of the mini-episode and the description Paul gives and the mentioning of Gene Simmons, I had no idea what this movie was. Not that I doubted the full ep would be good of course (they all are). It wasn't until nearly the LAST sentence of the mini-ep, when Paul says that it stars Tom Selleck that I had an instant flashback to my childhood. What!?! So I watched the trailer on IMDB and, oh yeah!, I remember this movie! The crazy spider-robots and self-guided bullets? The final scene up on a building under construction that for some reason is only comprised of structural steel and functional elevators? The great mustache? OMG, I KNOW THIS MOVIE!