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  1. GolemGholaGoulashAgogo

    Episode 30 — Gratitude

    It took me 30 episodes to figure out that Knockout Ball is not real.
  2. GolemGholaGoulashAgogo

    Episode 67 — Rat Trap

    Another great episode. I doubled over from the Andy Dick comment. I have listened to every episode and I have to say I wish they would have some leveling episodes; I think that is one of the greatest things about D&D, and the completely circumvent it. I guess they think it make for boring podcasting, but I would love to hear what powers they choose. I don't care though, they are all hilarious mofos; I could listen to them eat breakfast at Denny's and still laugh my ass off.
  3. GolemGholaGoulashAgogo

    Episode 62 — Dwarf Surfboard

    "On the next Lack of Curiosity" & "Myth Accepters" was really, really funny.
  4. GolemGholaGoulashAgogo

    Episode 57 — Saving Trondoor

    It took me three monthes to catch up, but I finally did! I love you guys; I have so many irrelevant critiques and observations to make.