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  1. Very very funny episode. The cast of Silicon Valley is a murderer's row of talented young comedians - the casting alone deserve an award. I haven't been this excited about a new season of a show since Breaking Bad, which granted was only couple years ago, but in Golden Age of TV time, that's quite a while. Anyway, great ep, You can never have too much Ku on a podcast.

  2. In case anyone missed it, do yourself a favor and check out Claudia's 3-part travel video series on youtube. I saw that she was a guest on CBB this week so I checked it out, and it's honestly one of the funniest, most original things I've seen in a good long while.


    EDIT: Oops, looks Iike iron Chef Mexican already beat me to it - apologies for not checking first.

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  3. I'm thrilled that James Adomian's taken up Slavoj Zizek, if only because it means I get to stop trying to do it myself. The dramatically rolled Rs, the corners-of-the-mouth S(h)s, "ca-pi-ta-LEE-sum", the infuriating obfuscation...I thought he totally nailed it, actually.

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