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  1. i liked the part where the wild horses people were clearly repeatedly looking for a polite way to exit, yet failed to leave successfully
  2. tartan

    EPISODE 351 β€” CBB: The Movie

    i see there is a bit of a culture shock for hh people and they're lashing out at the cbb posters who are, understandably, used to a higher level of discourse. i apologize on the behalf of everyone who has flooded this forum with rote catchphrase gimmickry. let's try to get things back on track: i haven't checked the pictures, but there was a funny woman guest on this episode and she might be attractive...could be fertile ground for the type of deep textual analysis this forum demands. anyone out there got a crush they wanna share???
  3. tartan

    EPISODE 351 β€” CBB: The Movie

    i can't handle these worlds colliding do i say the episode is smart, nice and funny, or do i say it's a c+ ep???
  4. to me, it was funny and good when the customer service woman got to the reviews page and said "it most likely was a recent one...?"
  5. tartan

    EPISODE 339 β€” LIVE from SXSW 2015

    probably because there wasn't really a joke there at first? horatio eventually got to a premise but it started out more or less as "his mom died while having cosmetic surgery so who cares"
  6. tartan

    EPISODE 338 β€” Be My Guest, Literally

    i had forgotten that somehow, between scott, andy daly and a ~superfan~, nobody ever picked up on the fact that PFT was fishing for a MORCH callback. which is ridiculous, because scott does perhaps the most iconic character work in the podcasting game
  7. tartan

    EPISODE 338 β€” Be My Guest, Literally

    in addition to the fine assemblage of guests, i want to credit michael for the unacknowledged 99 problems reference when scott asked him about the bar exam
  8. i don't know what my life has come to that i was genuinely upset neither scott nor scott put 'new year's day' in their top ten
  9. i have a feeling this episode will be nice, and also funny
  10. i guess she could have been picking a name at random in that first scene, but since it's the season she said she's watching now, i'm going to operate under the assumption that mary holland made the first ever comedy podcast allusion to rita verreos, a contestant who appeared for 6 episodes on the 14th season of survivor in 2006
  11. tartan

    Episode 330 β€” Peruvian Pullovers

    it was so simple but i lost my g.d. shit when horatio said his dad had him when he was 60
  12. i think i figured out what your issue with the show was - you misunderstood that the hosts are actually smart and funny and nice, and not any of the things that you said
  13. well i grappled with it for hours but i finally worked up the nerve to change my name. i hope my sacrifice doesn't go unappreciated
  14. "uhh yeah aimee mann is definitely NOT the cleaning lady" - yet another untruth from comedy bang bang 'fan' favorite paul f. tompkins?
  15. tartan

    Episode 329 β€” Too Much Tuna Tour

    great ep of sick burns at the end there
  16. i think one thing sean and hayes overlooked is that middleditch is technically a very funny name and its good to comment on that
  17. Thomas, How did you prepare for the role of Dwight Schrute's brother, Jeb, whose rich backstory β€” as we all know β€” included time spent as a worm farmer, Bigfoot hunter, Army farmer and pot farmer? Follow-up: Do you know if Rainn Wilson and Kelsey Grammer were ever able to "patch things up"?
  18. honest thoughts: the parts where you guys make me buss up laughing are the best and you should do more of that stuff...peace
  19. i was really happy to hear the live birth of a mike detective-style joke there was even a perfect setup for it when they revealed everybody wants to rule the world had a different name at first! major dropped ball imo. between that and the titular mention of eponymous scott apologized for on twitter, c- episode.
  20. that being said, my favorite part of the episode was the quickness with which paul volunteered that explaining "the skellington's kiss" exclusively in the stage directions was a questionable move. its very brave for a creator to hone in on a potential flaw in something he wrote himself (and spent a lot of time ensuring that it made total sense); i'm sure he took no joy in doing that
  21. uhhhh trigger warning much for this whole dang episode
  22. tartan

    Episode 321 β€” Big Fat Voice

    congrats to scott for having the restraint to not talk about darrell hammond's cutting scars when he got brought up
  23. tartan

    Episode 320 β€” Charging Kids

    really heartbroken that alex declined to mention hollywood handbook when scott asked her about it. coulda been the big break those guys needed to beat out the wolf den
  24. it's a good thing the boys have gotten new novelty business cards since the last time the topic of business cards that are funny came up. was nervous it could have been a bit redundant but i guess i should have known better than to expect sean and hayes to have the same business cards they had five months ago
  25. tartan

    Episode 312 β€” Grounded Me@

    it's truly remarkable that they didn't seem to have a complete grasp on the hollywood facts lyrics at any point during the episode, as the entire thing is seared into my brain for several lifetimes now