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  1. there are a lot of people taking cody to task in this thread, which is weird because it seemed like a real possibility that he had a legitimate illness, in which case we should actually be worrying about whether or not sean is okay
  2. pretty problematic of bono to assume all 500 million people who have this album in their itunes have 2 ears imo.
  3. but who engineers the engineers . . .
  4. between the criminal history, the homelessness, the sexual lechery and the suicide stuff, i think regina crimp is the closest thing to an andy daly character not played by andy daly
  5. Oh, and if any LAMESTREAM MEDIA vultures are out there waiting to publish a thinkpiece about how internet superstar Nick Wiger relentlessly cyberbullied me, I hope they think twice. Am I going to kill myself? Yes. Is it solely because of the burn I received at the end of this episode? Absolutely. Should I have been prepared for the consequences when I made upwards of three posts on a podcast message board? Uh...yeah. Honestly I think the only thing that would make some people happy is if they gave out pro versions as a sort of "participation trophy" just for posting in these threads. Thankfully, this show would never stoop to that level.
  6. Hello all, This is almost assuredly my last post in this forum, for obvious reasons. Before I message Scott Aukerman to have him delete my account, however, I wanted to address one frustrating misconception: The fire damage in my car is confined almost entirely to the interior of the glove compartment.
  7. Really looking forward to this ep, but I mailed my slice of pizza to the studios a few days ago and have yet to receive confirmation that I'm good to listen. Sick of this flyover postal service system, to be completely honest with you guys
  8. i can't believe sean went to the trouble to take his tooth out for the cronut-eating experience only for engineer sam to totally biff on the photo it's like if the moon landing cameraman accidentally filmed a giant microphone that covered the astronaut men
  9. Gotta say, bros: pretty steamed the picture of the two hot dogs in one bun from Rolling Stone isn't in the photo gallery
  10. I just wanted to tell you guys: THANK YOU for speaking truth to power with the whole Woodsy Allen situation. A lot of people will see a universally beloved cultural icon and think: "Oh, hey, easy pickings" and just go to town on the poor, unsuspecting revered figure. Hats off to you guys for realising that someone needed to step back and take an objective look at what's really going on, and that as two guys who hang with Woodsy on the reg, you're in the perfect position to be fair about this.