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  1. Fred

    Character Drawings

    I think his charisma got downgraded when they switched back to second edition, but I`m not sure, so I just went with the one I remembered hearing him say the most. It also just sounded better. Alternatively: Rat racial penalty?
  2. Fred

    Episode 66 — A New Awakening

    I freakin loved the intro to this one, so suspensful, so dramatic, very well done! And of course, the pay-off is RATS. So good.
  3. Fred

    Character Drawings

  4. Fred

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    I haven't really tried many besides Nerd Poker, but I personally really like http://pretendwizards.tumblr.com/ It's still young, but pretty great so far. Unlike Nerd Poker, where they had bear-mauled innocent slaves, wrecked a ship, lost a friend and went out to fight the world's scourge in the first ten episodes, the adventure is super slow, it takes them the first 5 episodes to just get up in the morning and take a job interview, but the entertainement keeps a good pace; like at some point they spend a full half hour just shopping for marbles and nothing happens and it is absurd and AMAZING. Check it out why don't you.
  5. Fred

    Character Drawings

    This is how I picture everyone's favorite NPC dwarf.