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  1. Hey Paul, what was up with going after the men that liked man-splits and man-buns? Felt a little homophobic there.


    I think his assertion was, these were not gay men showing genuine appreciation for the male form. These were dudes saying stuff specifically to sound creepy. Maybe he was wrong.

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    I had the opposite reaction; I loved it. The "teeny wangers" line was gold, the "dookie?!" line was gold, Hulk was the MAN, Zeus was a scary bad guy, Kurt Fuller's character was totally believable, etc.


    I can absolutely appreciate that now. I've watched it a few times as an adult and I loved it. However, children don't necessarily have that ability to understand sarcasm or enjoy such a movie for the reasons that it is awesome. I was only six when it came out.

  3. I don't know, but I can tell you who the worst Zeus was...



    ...which is ironic, considering that he co-starred with probably the greatest and most accurate Zeus ever to appear on film...




    See that screen grab of Zeus brings up long-forgotten feelings of confusion/revulsion after seeing No Holds Barred. I was a child and a huge WWF/Hogan fan, and I remember seeing that movie and not knowing how to feel. There was a combination of "not yet understanding movies could be bad" and "but I love wrestling, how come I don't like this?". Everything in my conscious mind told me to love it and that Zeus was an awesome villain, but in my subconscious dwelled feelings of revulsion.


    I heard somewhere that he has played a character named "John" atleast 8 times in his career. But it really should be Johann.


    So I checked IMDB to see what Anglo names he has had in movies. Here is a list (excluding historical figures and names which are both Anglo and German/Austrian):


    Joe Santo


    John Matrix

    John Kimble (but identifies as being foreign)

    John 'The Eraser' Kruger

    John 'Breacher' Wharton

    John Nicolay


    Ben Richards


    Douglas Quaid


    Jack Slater


    Howard Langston


    Jericho Cane


    Adam Gibson


    Gordy Brewer


    Ray Owens


    Wade Vogel (last name is German)


    Bar Patron (possibly Latino)

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  5. KINDA OMISSION: While I know somebody early on mentioned this but the naming is all over the place. All the characters are suppose to be from Greek mythology but they used mostly the Roman naming. Juno, Mercury, and Pluto are the Roman names for Hera, Hermes, and Hades. Heck even Hercules should have been Heracles. However, they kept Apollo and Zeus as is. This wouldn't bother me so much if the movie didn't go out of it's way to point this out! When Mr. Turtle Pretzie was rereading the book on mythology he stole borrowed he reads aloud "Hercules, half god half man, was the son of Jupiter or Zeus as he was known to the Greeks." Why include this line? Why not just say son of Zeus? Why acknowledge you are aware they have different names?

    I feel like what you are assuming here is that there was a concerted effort to plan everything in advance such that it would not make sense for the film to acknowledge the naming differences. I imagine that someone just grabbed some book and Arnold Stang is just reading out of it. It would take way too much organization for there to be someone getting paid who would catch such a thing.

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  6. OMISSION/EXTRA INFORMATION: This isn't as much an omission as a fact relevant to this episode. AUSTRIANS LOVE THIS MOVIE (at least those in their 20's to 40's). I have lived in Austria for a few years now and had never heard of this movie before coming here. Multiple people here asked me when I first arrived if I had ever heard of it. They love to ridicule Arnold's terrible English, and they specifically quote that scene Paul played where he's speaking to Zeus (Zeh-us) and he's not understandable. It was an Austrian cultural experience to get drunk and watch this movie with friends.


    ASIDE: I've been frequently asked how American's view Arnold, when he's in movies. Do we see him as an American guy or as a foreigner with an accent? Many here see him as having been Austrian but now being completely American. I have no good answer to this question, so I always quote the HDTGM "Jingle All the Way" episode where they point out that he's essentially presented as a small town all-American dad whose accent is not at all acknowledged, even though there is a mixup at the end with the only other Austrian man in the town, who is dressed in a Santa disguise.


    My point is: look how far Arnold has come. He went from this...let's say "movie"... to being a mainstream actor who's foreigness is not even acknowledged as a character trait to explain his thick accent.

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  7. So, I was briefly browsing the Wikipedia page of Tiny Lister (Zeus), and apparently he plead guilty to mortgage fraud in 2012 for his role in some financial scandal: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Lister,_Jr.#Personal_life


    Here's a bit more in a newspaper, just so we can be more certain this is not some weird Wikipedia hoax: http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2012-08-31/news/la-fi-mo-actor-tommy-tiny-lister-in-big-trouble-with-feds-20120831_1_mortgage-fraud-scheme-that-cost-banks-home-equity-lines.

  8. I'm surprised that there is not yet a corrections and omissions up for No Holds Barred. Did I somehow miss it? Here are the things I would like to point out.


    -The reason Hulk is not called by his normal stage name is probably because Marvel Comics has rights to the use of "Hulk" in most contexts. My understanding is there is a business arrangement that dictates under what circumstances Hulk Hogan can be called by this name, and presumably as the lead character in the movie is not one of those situations.


    -To answer Jason's question, Hogan was initially a bad guy until he appeared in Rocky III, after which he became the familiar Hulk Hogan we all know. In the late 90's, he again became bad after starting a wrestling group called the NWO.


    -As an aside, after No Holds Barred, Zeus actually wrestled for the WWF for a while. The storyline was essentially that he had let his movie rivalry with Hogan go to his head and was there to challenge Hogan. Much later, in WCW, they brought him back to confront Hogan as some sort of "ghost from the past", but they could not use the name Zeus, so they called him Big Z Z-Gangsta [thank you Smigg]. Of course, many fans probably did not know who he was because WCW could not even mention that this was some guy from an obscure movie Hogan was in, as that would have probably resulted in a lawsuit.


    EDIT: And I completely forgot to mention; during the Podcast, there was repeated questioning of why certain movie-making decisions were not made which would have advanced the idea that pro wrestling is real. It needs to be pointed out that one of Vince McMahon's "innovations" was to openly admit that pro wrestling is not real. That's why the WWF/WWE refers to its product as sports entertainment.

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