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  1. R - Right we are to destroy Fryvault using these tiny attack dogs (a.k.a. Right we are to destroy...)

    O - Oh what a situation we are in to have to destroy Fryvault using these tiny rottweilers.

    T - Thank you for helping me in my battle against Fryvault... muthafuckas.

    T - TEA TIME! Take a break and murder Fryvault.

    W - Wigs?

    E - Earth is where we will kill Fryvault.

    I - I'm hooked on a feeling.

    L - Look here, I'm hooked on a feeling.

    E - E.T. phone home, because Fourvel is going to kill Fryvault hopefully in that song pattern.

    R - Right, let's murder Fryvault, matey!

    S - Say, wouldn't it be a thing to kill Fryvault?

    N - Nell Carter is not who you are, you are Fourvel, the man who will help kill Fryvault and save Andrew Lloyd Weber and the other guy.

    A - A wigs?

    T - Thowwy, but I developed a lisp, but let's kill Fryvault.

    C - Cunt.

    H - Hello!

    H - Hello!

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