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  1. blazeheart

    Episode 197 - Nicole Byer, Our Close Friend

    The car controller is uncle shredder in License to Drive.
  2. blazeheart

    Episode 453 - Unblocked and Unlocked

    Eden was right about acronyms. Look it up, Scotty! "Most readers probably know that an acronym is an invented word made up of the initial letters or syllables of other words, like NASA or NATO. Fewer probably know that an initialism is a type of acronym that cannot be pronounced as a word, but must be read letter-by-letter, like FBI or UCLA."
  3. blazeheart

    Episode 425 - Sunday Afternoon Taped

    I really think this was an awesome episode. I would rather hear pros fucking around than wannabes trying to be funny.
  4. blazeheart

    Episode 105 - Scott Aukerman and Chris Bannon

    Nothing makes me enjoy Content more than Growth.
  5. blazeheart

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    Unfunny steamroller.
  6. blazeheart

    EPISODE 282 — Santa Has Gone Big Brother

    yeah, seriously. get your jasons straight, july.
  7. Incredible! I seriously laughed at the "case closed" at the end.
  8. blazeheart

    EPISODE 380 — A Colinary Journey

    Fuck Tom Hanks' son, and fuck the Eagles of Death Metal. They just steamrolled and never shut up. Not funny. Thank goodness for Matt Walsh, Brian Husky, and Scott Aukerman.
  9. blazeheart

    Question of the Day Preview

    I looked at the photos, and I'm pretty sure these two are the same guy.
  10. seriously the best episode yet. PFT & the gang have definitely found their groove. numerous LOL moments, & Eban shines throughout.
  11. blazeheart

    EPISODE 200 — 200th Episode!

    It doesn't get much better than this...
  12. blazeheart

    EPISODE 367 — Bits, Riffs, and Friendships

    I originally thought this was titled "Bits, Rifts, and Friendships". Talk about the best combination of comedians to make you wonder "Are they actually upset?".
  13. blazeheart

    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    you know, meeting Obama & U2 must have been pretty special, but having recorded this episode has to be the best ever.
  14. "I was wondering when I could speak" has become an Earwolf tradition.
  15. this is the first time I've ever heard far away guy,close up.
  16. ~ 1:49:40 "...a man does..." = a manda's
  17. As always, Matt Besser extends his generosity to his fans, and gives a free improv lesson. No, life lesson. Isn't truth like music to your ears? Thanks for breaking it down, Matty B!
  18. by minute 2 you already know it's gonna be crazy. amazing.
  19. blazeheart

    16 Heaven Knows I'm Morrissey Now

    Horatio is a comic? I think someone took that too literally. Love the candid photos from this episode, especially of Carlos.
  20. blazeheart

    EPISODE 347 — Foley Slumber Party

    Looking up and Googling every guest on CBBTV? Yeah, "easy enough"...
  21. blazeheart

    EPISODE 344 — Classic Switcheroo

    uh... how about burning love? c'mon scott!! :)
  22. seth morris and will hines? talk about an improv master class! booya, baby!