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    Episode 110 β€” Clown Dog

    Every time I see the anti-smoking ad before the show, I am more and more tempted to just shut the show off. As a consumer of tobacco products, I am offended. And, don't think the hypocrisy of a group whom I am sure enjoy smoking of one sort or another, has gotten past me.
  2. SensiiMiller

    Episode 109 β€” Is There A Dingy?

    I think I figured out my hangup about the current group. They are playing characters designed by other people. It's like watching episodes of Bewitched with the new Darrin, only four of them,
  3. SensiiMiller

    Episode 100.5 β€” Minisode 100.5

    XanaDON'T! I will never watch that crapfest.
  4. SensiiMiller

    Anti-Smoking ad

    The anti-smoking ad was really offensive. I almost stopped the broadcast because of it.
  5. SensiiMiller

    Episode 108 β€” Water and Chunks

    Hard to believe it has been 2 years. 108 hours of entertainment, which no doubt took 2 hours each to make...counting for preps and edits. To losten to all episodes, bingewise, it would take 4.5 days! You guys rock!
  6. SensiiMiller

    Please, it's not cool...

    Talking while eating is part of DnD. Chances are, the moment you take a huge bite of Lil Caesars cheese pizza is when the orcs pop out of no where and you have to say you swing your axe. At least, as DM, that is how I time it. We even have botch and critical candy. The botch candy is chocolate covered blueberries. Sounds good until you hit the third botch and you haven't washed out the taste of the last one. The crit candy is M&Ms, because they are the ultimatest of candies.
  7. SensiiMiller

    Episode 99.5 β€” Minisode 99.5

    During the Vietnam Conflict, helicopters and planes would do a hot extraction. They drop a cable with a hook that flew over the extracted target. The hook grabs a rope that pulls the extracted person out. With the plane, the extracted was slowly pulled up into the hold of the plane. But, in the case of a Huey extraction, the person hung there until they arrived back at base. I was extracted in a practice run, several years later. I hung there for a long time as we returned to the base. The wash from the blades made me spin in a giant circle about 50 feet below the chopper. I had to be caught when we came for a landing. I was not puking when I hit the ground because I lost everything during the flight. It will ALWAYS BE WWF TO ME!
  8. SensiiMiller

    Episode 107 β€” Sleeping Mario

    Red displacers beasts. Wow. What level are these guys again?
  9. SensiiMiller

    Episode 99.5 β€” Minisode 99.5

    The Christmas movie they should review is the one where Goldberg, the JEWISH WWF wrestler played a demonic Santa.
  10. SensiiMiller

    Episode 99 β€” A View To a Kill: LIVE

    My James Bond girl name: Holly Disturbing.
  11. SensiiMiller

    Episode 98 β€” LOL: LIVE!

    What was that about, "Possibly the last All Star HDTGM"? While all things we do are potentially the last time we are going to do something, it does not bode well when someone predicts it. I hope all is well for you and June. I'd hate to see a new family break up.
  12. SensiiMiller

    is it "Whamdango!" or "wamdango!"?

    And is there a reason no one referenced "Wango Tango"?
  13. SensiiMiller

    Episode 102 β€” Wave that Pajuvi

    A second after Brian called for a moment of silence, the trailer came on, "SPILL THEIR BLOD!"
  14. SensiiMiller

    Episode 100 β€” Tainted Candy

    "Daniel Boone was a man..." made me choke to keep from losing my sh1t at work from laughing.
  15. SensiiMiller

    Episode 96.5 β€” Minisode 96.5

    I was married to a Greek. No where will you find a good Greek restaurant. You have to get homemade Greek food to get the good taste. The Greek church festivals are welcome to everyone.
  16. SensiiMiller

    Episode 96 β€” Monkey Shines

    I get the feeling this movie stopped the pre-Planet of Apes rebellion period where apes were used to assist humans that need help. Now, you can't own any animals except dogs, cats, fish, and reptiles in most states. I would love to have a spider monkey farm where I teach seeing eye monkeys, extended hand monkeys for the paralyzed, and murder spree psychically-linked serial killer monkeys.
  17. SensiiMiller

    Episode 98 β€” You’re Achillesing Me Larry

    Good show. When Steve says, "Winter," iexpect to hear a riff from Frankenstein.
  18. SensiiMiller

    Episode 97 β€” A Butt Goes Forever

    Crap! I was in Chitcago this Saturday, but we had to wait for 4 fricken hours to get a cab from the airport. Brian, we would have gone to see your show. By my count, some city cabby owes you for two door charges. So, whenever you are in Chitcago, don't tip the cabbie and tell him it is because they screwed my brother and me over and prevented us from seeing the show.
  19. SensiiMiller

    Episode 96 β€” Sweet Potatoes

    Anyone else having problems with Soundscape?
  20. SensiiMiller

    Episode 95 β€” Goblin Wieners

    Goblins, the target of all latent racial jokes without offending any real race. How do you stop goblins from raping and pillaging? Throw them ... What did the goblin woman say when she found out she was pregnant? I hope it's mine. Why did the goblin stick a dagger up its butt? To cut afart. Howdo you stop young goblins from jumping on the bed? Put Dag on the ceiling with a great axe.
  21. SensiiMiller

    Episode 94 β€” Let Him Use His Illusion!

    No Gerry? Come on! And NO sark in forever! I get the feeling Sarah is next. I feel like I'm listening to a story version of Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  22. SensiiMiller

    Episode 92 β€” Suck It With Your Mandibles

    Not a lie. The manible talk made my nose bleed.
  23. SensiiMiller

    Episode 92 β€” Suck It With Your Mandibles

    FWIW, ants do "swim". It's actually that they weigh so little that they don't break the water to fall in. I am not sure if that would hold true for giant ants. I don't think so. I think water holds together based on weight applied in the surface area, but I do not know for sure.
  24. SensiiMiller

    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)

    The acting was hammy. The logic was sketchy. The ending was abrupt. And Angelina in a leather Nazi-ish uniform thatbthey said was British, but everyone knew she was theIinspiration for Jesse James fall from grace.
  25. SensiiMiller

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    Writing a campaign, based on the book, "The Horse Soldiers", about the first special forces that went into Afghanistan after 9/11. Of course, the jihadis are orcs. I will try to mimic the events of the book, but in dnd style. Once written, and played, I'll report back.