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  1. Came here to recommend this one.  I put it on in the background when seeing it on HBO Max and knowing that I had watched it (along with a number of other Freddie Prinze Jr. romcoms of the 90's/2000's) in the past and wanted to refresh myself. I couldn't believe just how basic and simple it was.  Positives are that the movie lets a lady be the typically jokey, sort of aloof character who doesn't really see what's in front of her for once.  Also has a really cringe-filled soapy dance scene out at a club. 


    Also Jason Biggs plays a guy just trying to get laid and the most effort he puts into it is lying a bunch and constantly dying the top of his head different colors.


    It's not even really "bad" it's just boring and completely predictable. 




    At least do a mini-sode about this scene:


  2. The iBrain is one of my favorite CBB moments. I did not realize that Scott was serious about banning Brett.


    Was that serious? I had got into CBB well after iBrain and went back and heard it but always wondered if the "banning" was actually Scott, in real life, deciding to not have Brett on or if was just a joke because they had long periods of time between his appearances.


    The whole "we've had ups and downs" aspect of this show felt like it was a bit but I honestly don't know. Anyone have insight?

  3. Just to keep my angst regular, this is still a thing:


    "We are experiencing difficulty with the ad-free Earwolf/Wolfpop archives on Howl. For now, you can listen to the archives - with ads - for free in the iOS App, or on Earwolf.com or Wolfpop.com. As promised, ad-free archives are coming to Howl soon! When they do, they will be exclusive to Howl Premium."



    Just excuse that Howl has been on the scene for eight fuckin months at this point. It's still exactly the same as it was when it launched with the exception that a few of the shows have put out some new episodes. The app still freezes several times per episode even when the episode has been downloaded. There's still no search function. WTF with Barack Obama is still the featured episode on the landing page.


    This is a garbage service. Long time fan very much still disappointed. This is super basic stuff and the no ads thing was advertised from the start. To call this amateur would be insulting to true amateurs. "As promised ad-free episodes are coming to Howl!" Okay, when? When you start charging money for a service you are actually responsible for filling your end of the bargain, so where is it?



    I'm here to chime in on this as well. I sent a message to howl support asking if this was still in the works. It's been way too many months since being told to sign up for ad-free shows for it to STILL be an issue.


    I'm hoping for a positive response. Part of me thinks they gave up and won't be putting up ad-free shows. They probably realized people will just deal with it/fast forward so why continue working on it.



    I appreciate the original shows but I personally was excited to have ad-free shows (especially for the shorter podcasts like Bob Ducca.....that's a show that is half ads and half content).

  4. New subscriber. Still ads on HDTGM as of 2/6. I'm all for supporting the Earwolf family, but $5 per month seems steep when not all of the features have rolled out. I know it's just five bucks, but there are so many subscription services these days, it adds up and you expect to get what you pay for.


    I've been a subscriber since it launched and have asked a couple of times what is going on with the ads that are still featured (many months after launching).


    I've been told it's being worked on and they were having some difficulties but at this point I'm starting to prepare myself for the announcement (or no announcement....it just happens) that they won't be offering the ad-free versions. It's taken this long to try and figure out and I'm sure there's a lot of technical stuff I just don't know but IMO it feels like it should be easy to just edit out the ads and put up that version on Howl.


    Either way....I don't have my hopes up too high. There's been very little in terms of updates and info. I really hope they figure it out. I love Earwolf and will continue to support.

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  5. Thanks so much for the updates info! I'm more concerned with updates to the app itself, not just when new shows are being added. I like getting the e-mails about the new shows that are added. Hoping we get some of the other features that were discussed as soon as possible.


    I'd love to see the ads removed as promised but my #1 request is that the app will remember my spot on specific podcasts. When I turn off the app and open it the next day I usually have to try and locate my position again and if I didn't check the day before then it can be really annoying to scan through.

  6. Don't if it was due to an update, or changing my settings, but I see there is now lock-screen play/pause!


    Yea, probably an update. They had that included sometime during/shortly before November. It's great. There's really only two or three more changes that I'd like to see happen before I really love the app.

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  7. Maybe get them a pre-paid gift card and put $25 or $60 on it and wrap it with a card that points to Howl.FM or something. That right there is a 6-month or 12-month gift. Plus the person getting it doesn't have to worry about money coming out of their account. They'll just have to switch payment options at some point.

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  8. Is the discussion about this app going on somewhere else?


    Not that I know of. I wish there was more discussion and status updates on here but it's kind of been dead lately.



    - I appreciate that episodes can now be downloaded. I see that I can select "Delete completed episodes" but is there an easy way to delete them from my device's memory without having to go all the way to the end?


    It's totally easy but definitely not obvious (and there's NO call to action for it that I could find) but when you're looking at the Downloaded Episodes section you just swipe the episode to the left and it gives you the option to delete. That was driving me nuts for a while as well.


    - Ads in the episodes. Yes, I can FF through them but isn't this supposed to be a big selling point? I can't imagine that it isn't turning off new listeners.


    Yea, I'm still not entirely sure what the reason is behind this? Seems like it should be pretty easy to swap out the old and the newer ad-free ones but I'm sure there's technical junk that makes it difficult. It would be nice to get an update on this, though. That was a major selling point for me. I don't like trying to re-listen to old Affirmation Nation episodes (some of which are only 2 minutes long) and have to sit through a 30 second ad every time.



    - Lock screen control. It seems that every audio player has this. I set my screen lock time very low and it is a major pain to unlock every time I want to pause...



    For Android, at least, it allows me to pause/play on the lock screen now. THey pushed out that update at some point.

  9. I'm just hoping we get some updates soon in terms of lock screen controls, remembering my position on the show i'm listening to, and maybe an update where they remove the ads that are still present. Once those things are added I'll enjoy the app a lot more. As of now it's annoying to stop listening and then go back and try to locate my spot on the show again.


    Minor frustrations but still hoping to see some kind of progress soon. It's been a few months now....is there any timeline or eta on things? I am loving the content on the app.....just wish the app was a little bit better.


    Is it really that big of a deal? Just FF the ads. I mean, is that the whole reason you bought it? Just to not hear ads? I pay for it to hear the original stuff that is only there. I guess I'm just confused if you know that they know there is a problem and that they are fixing it, why come here and post a complaint? Are you hoping they will refund you the $5? Is it really such a huge deal that you feel so strongly about it?


    Not really a big deal. I did say "kinda" lame which is way less lame than regular lame. One of the many reasons I signed up was definitely because of the promise of no ads on the episodes and it was frustrating to not see any explanation of timetable for what was going on.


    Let me be clear - I came here to post my questions for why there were ads (since you know...the whole thing is constantly advertised as not having ads so I didn't get what was happening). I asked the question in a few threads here and even tried digging around the Earwolf subreddit or reading it on the app but was coming up empty. It wasn't until I decided to test it out on the real Howl.fm site that I found out that they were having issues. I edited my post when I found that note so others like me would be aware of ths issue being worked on.


    Did I complain about one of the various issues the service has had since launching? Yes. Did I come here just to complain? Not exactly at first....it was more about finding out info. But then I found out about the issue and I lodged a complaint (while also trying to compliment this awesome content that Earwolf provides). Isn't that the point of the forums? To voice our opinions?


    I love Earwolf and haven't been as negative about this whole change in things as others have been so I'm sorry if my other posts seemed like I was making a big deal out of everything. I don't see why there's something wrong with asking for clarification and then voicing my opinion on the issue on the message board thread dedicated to the topic. I am looking forward to an improved app that has the features many have requested. So far the whole thing has been amazing (it does feel like a Netflix for audio comedy) but I was confused by something and then posted about it. Probably wasn't in that great of a mood at the time, as well. That's all :P

  11. Why are there still ads on old episodes of Comedy Bang Bang and How did this get made? Will they be removed/replaced at some point? I am using the Android app.


    Just checked again on an old episode of Comedy Bang Bang from 2012. First thing I hear is "Thiiiiiiis episode of Comedy Bang Bang was brought to you by audible...."


    Is there an ETA on when the ads will be removed? Isn't the point of paying $5 a month so we can listen to these ad-free? Does the iOs/apple version still have ads?



    Edit: Went to try this oowl.fm and saw this note:


    We are experiencing difficulty with the ad-free Earwolf/Wolfpop archives on Howl. For now, you can listen to the archives - with ads - for free in the iOS App, or on Earwolf.com or Wolfpop.com. As promised, ad-free archives are coming to Howl soon! When they do, they will be exclusive to Howl Premium.Head on over to:

    http://www.earwolf.c...medy-bang-bang/ to listen for free.





    Kinda lame. Glad it's being worked on but I'm thinking maybe they rushed things with this Howl business too fast. There's been a good amount of speed bumps that doesn't really inspire confidence. Hoping things get resolved fast as I love this network of content. Just wish things were working the way they were advertised :D


  12. By the way, this episode had no right to be as good as it was. I knew as much about Besser, but Chad Carter is some kind of improvisation savant.


    He really is great. I've only seen him live a handful of times doing a variety of show types but he's always stood out. His voice is unique and his ability to find the funny in a scene and really hammer home is great. One of the reasons it's obvious Matt likes having him on is because he seems to "get" where Matt is trying to go with a scene and he masterfully helps guide the journey that way. I remember he was kept on a bunch of shows when Matt was rotating people out during the Del Close marathon and it's clear why.


    I've enjoyed his work on here and with UCB. Love it whenever he's on. Would love to hear him on Comedy Bang Bang in some roles.

  13. I'm loving the Android version but I have a few quibbles.


    - Audio doesn't play uninterrupted 100% of the time. There are small breaks in playback, even in downloaded episodes.


    - When pausing a podcast, Howl doesn't always remember where I was, and when I try to resume, it'll play from the beginning instead of where I stopped.


    - The aforementioned lack of control options (lock screen, notification tray).


    All in all, I'm just happy to be able to listen to Howl Premium now.



    I agree with all of these. Not remembering where I was when I stop/turn off is really lame.



    Also....what's up with the ads? I signed up for Howl Premium, downloaded the app, signed in, and when I tried to listen to very old (meaning definitely 6 months older) episodes of How Did This Get Made and Comedy Bang Bang the first things I hear are ads? Are those going to be replaced with the ad-free versions at some point?

  14. "When I was 18 my parents told me I was left handed"


    Seth's throwaway lines are just so amazing. That one stood out to me but I also loved how right when Dabney comes back he launches into the Lupus question. Also really, really loved the last minute plug for his "Banana Cases" for people who may have experienced "purse banana" in their lifetime. So ridiculous.

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