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  1. ThomLockhart

    Out on a Limb (1992)

    This movie is insane. I can never believe Matthew Broderick as an adult let alone making $140 mil deals.
  2. ThomLockhart

    Beowulf (1999)

    I made it all the way through...I think. Kinda blacked out for a little bit.
  3. ThomLockhart

    Beowulf (1999)

    Watching it on Netflix and had to suggest it. I'm only 10 minutes in...
  4. ThomLockhart

    Episode 88 — Mr. Nanny: LIVE!

    I feel like Mr. Nanny is the sequel to No Holds Barred. After releaizing he killed two people in his match against Zeus Rip has started having night terrors. He changes his name but can't give up the wrestling. These are hulks dark knight movies. Zeus is bane and thanatos is the joker. Could the bounty hunters from suburban commando be the league of shadows and complete our trilogy? Rip had to get his power from somewhere. Why not from being galactic commando?