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  1. I find myself perpetually uninterested in these bad-on-purpose, "post ironic" SyFy movies and other various monster mash-ups. Someone (or some group of people) intending to make a piece of shit and ending up with a piece of shit is way, way less interesting than someone who has a passion for movies and has a story they want to tell... but ends up with something like Gooby. At some point, someone LOVED the story of Gooby and pursued it to completion. That took a lot of work... but the end result is like a nightmare that comes from a psychotic break.


    Well said. This sums up my relationship with and love for the right kind of bad movie. That psychotic break is really important.

  2. I was so excited to see that this old VHS fave is available on YouTube and Amazon Prime. This is a low profile pick, but the first 6 minutes is literally bonkers and would convince any bad movie connoisseur. Terror Squad is to Red Dawn what Mac And Me is to E.T.


    This may never get picked, but if I can spread the joy to a couple of you i will be a happy man.


  3. Howard describing Big Brother as people walking around in "a sleeveless hoodie with fur on it" :P/> :D/> ... this is a great way to describe terrible people. But on the other hand, I think it might be a cool look for Howard (who is not at all terrible).


    Agreed. Loved that line! This was a great episode. I wish someone had known to call Ku on Twinkle Toes. They would have laughed their asses off.