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  1. As we all know, it's Podcast Oscar season and this episode was Sean's bid to take home the gold. He is tired of sharing his statue with Hayes, it's time he gets one all himself that he can put in his room instead of just going to Hayes's house to visit it. It's like when Ernest Borgnine won for "Marty" in 1955 after his comedy duo Borgnine & Lassie broke up. It was his time for solo recognition without that spotlight-hogging pooch and now Sean will shine on Podcast Hollywood's biggest night.

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  2. Such a loopy episode with a really fun, laid-back energy -- no one promoting anything, just genial weird silliness. The combination of the Time Keeper and New No-Nos was just insane and wonderful. One of my favorites of the year, I think, and one where you can tell how much Scott is enjoying the proceedings, which is always contagious.

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  3. OK, I'm totally going to recommend this one to all my friends who have been reluctant to try HH. I don't listen to the show, but from the way you all are raving about this episode, I'm confident they'll love it.


    This definitely would be a good intro, especially for Best Show fans. It's very accessible with no inside/running jokes, a funny standalone intro segment, and a great interview with a clear straight-man/weirdo dynamic that people know from Best Show and elsewhere. Plus it's just an instant classic ep.

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  4. Well, here's my theory about what happened with this weird episode. I think Paul's intention with the character was centered around the ISIS thing, but Scott didn't really pick up on that, so Paul was lost. By the time they came back to it (Paul finally brought it up himself), it was pretty much too late.

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  5. Sean's energy level is always a little different/higher on the live episodes. The best example of that here was his delivery of "not this time" when he told us why he isn't scared of the the nice Frankingstein from The Munsters. That's an all-time great HH moment as is Brian Huskey's freakout at the very dedicated fan's question about Teen Pope being a real movie.

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    Wow, see the table read was what I thought was awful about the episode. I enjoyed Hayes and Sean during the interview portion, and I think that was still a lot of their shtick rather than general CBB randomness, but it completely devolved in that table read. It felt like a situation that could come up on a normal CBB episode and be done very well but to me it was completely forgettable, the 2 extra players gave me nothing memorable. Would have been very into it if I stopped listening when that started


    Old town playhouse. Surrogate incest. Bug lord. There were like 20 bits per minute during the table read, my man (and none of them were HH callbacks).

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  7. I tried the first ep of Reality Show Show after I'd caught up on my HH binge and needed a fix, but I know nothing about reality TV and had a hard time following it. But the comments above are my own personal "ehhh, wrong" clarion call to give it another shot.

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  8. This makes me very very happy. Scott Anchorman is such a natural third for Hayes and Sean, I almost want to hear the three of them together every week, all telling each other to speak on that.


    I love how the guys wasted no time launching into as many HH running gags as they could, coming out of the gate with farmy brat, seguing immediately into too scary, even mentioning science book. Now I understand why "fan service" is so fun for comic books nerds.

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