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  1. More like "Formerly Known as a Guy Who Can Make Competent Jokes," amiright?
  2. watchayakan

    I think I genuinely like U2 now

    Yea, I basically just never cared to even try their music. Despite their cultural significance I couldn't name one U2 song or know if I was listening to one before this podcast. I'm not a fan so much since I don't really listen to music much these days, but I definitely enjoy their songs when I hear them. Also, way to have a great username, OP.
  3. I would never-NEVER-harm an axe.
  4. And keep in mind this will come out Tuesday, Mary.
  5. Ms. Holland, you've become a bit of an Earwolf regular: does this mean that if you kill Paul F. Tompkins or Lauren Lapkus you will steal their power?
  6. Ms. Holland, you got to be in the last season of Parks and Recreation: what does a dying TV show smell like?
  7. You could probably start anywhere. For the most part there is no continuity, except with ads. My personal fav is 25.
  8. It's the cast of Looking plus chocolate equals cast of Entourage.
  9. Anastasia: http://i.imgur.com/Uoloxlh.jpg + http://i.imgur.com/iaTjnxL.jpg = http://i.imgur.com/8jMhhKy.jpg ?
  10. Brian Husky was on fire in this episode. Also, we have been privy to Mary Holland's "honk-shoe" snore before, haven't we?
  11. Has anyone ever told you that you are awesome? 'Cause ya are!
  12. But what is his couch situation?
  13. Hey guys, I'm doing a solo bolo to Ireland in June. There are some people from there on here right? Can I crash on your couch?
  14. So the mug is explicitly honlads? Thanks a lot!
  15. *Scottish accent* LUTHER
  16. The episode was very good. I wish that i had noticed the call for callers. Darnit! Yes, I DO get the reference.
  17. I embrace my feminine side if that counts.
  18. Chanson, this tension between us is out in the open now...
  19. They do and let's just say Sully Sullenberger said seagulls so he wouldn't be a villain.
  20. Don't talk about a block of cheese like it's punishment.
  21. I can't even afford to spit on Audi drivers.
  22. watchayakan

    EPISODE 181 — Don't Say Nothin'

    The minute Besser said white tennis outfit I knew he was referencing Funny Games. Good episode. I might have to check out Strangers!
  23. My dad was never there growing up and texted me four days after I almost died a few years ago and then got upset when I didn't call him because he was in the hospital. Pranks but no pranks?
  24. btw i'm pretty good with the 'shop