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  1. People say the Internet webs sites go away when the servers are gone, but those are lies. Like, information just can't go away like that. It's against the second law of thermodynamics. I know my computer has a ram, and it's on there forever, cause God let Abraham kill a ram instead of his son so you know it's forever.

    I thought this was going to be a ReBoot reference but was sorely disappointed.

  2. I don't think I will be getting this app. I listen on my iPod in my car and that is all. To listen another way in my car would cost me >$100 to set up. Also my computer is quite awful so using the website would be a no go for me. I realize I am a minority here and am fine with that, you can't cater to every weirdo.


    However, regarding backlogs, your reasons for monetizing it make a lot of sense but except for new user concerns. If I see episode 370 I'm still intimidated even if the oldest I can see is 345. You could also just as easily put the Best Ofs or samplers at the top of a show's page on the site. Not having backlogs will suck but I do get it from a remonetizing perspective.

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