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Episode 33 — Rewarded By Failure

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The Strokes frontman, Cult Records founder, and solo artist extraordinaire Julian Casablancas sits down with Har Mar for a rare interview on today’s Nocturnal Emotions! Julian & Har Mar talk about movie soundtracks, not being natural in front of a camera, and Julian’s ability to sing falsetto to write. Then they explore the idea of creating a mini-movie series about human evolution during Let’s Create A Show and are challenged while playing a game of Let Me Ruin Your Favorite Song with Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” You can now get Har Mar Superstar’s new album “Bye Bye 17″ as a digital download at iTunes and as a digital download, CD or vinyl record at Amazon!

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Decent episode. It felt like it took Julian a while to get comfortable and at times, I had to turn up the dial on my radio just to catch what he was saying, but it was still a pretty fun episode. Not my favorite (probably either the Father John Misty, Flea, or Cedric episode.), but still an entertaining Nocturnal Emotions as usual. I liked how the show idea basically evolved into developing the Dumb and Dumber high school play. And "Old Timey Dick Paintings" made me laugh hard.

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