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Live Show question

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Hello all, been searching around and can't find the answer to this q. Feel free to redirect me and lock the thread if I'm just missing it.


In any case, I'm going to the live show (back-to-back taping) coming up in NYC, and obviously want to watch the flick before the show.


Do they announce that? Send out an email or something, or you're just SOL? From the Q&A it seems like Qers have seen the movie recently.


Is it that they announce during the mini-episode, record between the mini and the show, and then release the episode the Monday following? I always thought things were queued a bit more than that, and that wouldn't make sense for this given they're taping two shows in one night.


Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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For a normal show they do it like you said, announce a week before they release the episode. As far as them taping two shows in one night I'm not sure, but if I had to guess I'd say they will give you atleast one week notice for both shows what the movies will be and wouldn't be surprised if they announce them even sooner.


I don't know for sure but am almost positive they'll give you atleast a weeks warning.

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So did this ever get announced? I've got tickets for Thursday and want to watch the movie this weekend before the taping.


Edit: found it


@dmdmdzydzy Demolition Man and Over the Top - Spread the Word. @paulscheer what movies u'll be talking about 4 How Did This Get Made in NYC?

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^^^ Saw that too. Thanks.


I'm assuming Demo Man is the first show and Over the Top is the second, but it'll probably be confirmed on this week's ep.

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