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Correction: Howard the Duck (airplane scene)

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I'm so glad you guys finally reviewed this shitpile of a movie!


I was also so glad to hear Tony from Cleveland talk about the flight scene and how ridiculous it was that there were palm trees in the background.


Although the movie is set in Cleveland, the flight scenes were filmed in Marin County, which is just north of San Francisco and where George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch is located, and neighboring Sonoma County. The scene where Howard and Tim Robbins zoom down over a podunk village meant to be Cleveland and across a river was filmed in Petaluma, CA, once known as the egg capital of the world and, tragically, where I grew up.


Petaluma has been the site of many a HDTGM-worthy movie, including Inventing the Abbots, the Jeremy Irons remake of Lolita, and Peggy Sue Got Married, starring The Eternal Nicholas Cage and a very young Jim Carrey. It's also where Winona Ryder is from- she got her start shoplifting from our local comic book store! They just bulldozed her old junior high school to build a Target. America!

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