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New Order

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This one was pretty hard to sit through, but bad enough to have a pretty good time watching it. It's supposed to be in the year 2033 in this dystopian society where most people are dead and gone. But we never see any crumbling, forgotten cities, or new technology, only countryside and interior shots, with plastic on the walls. You can tell they didn't have much of a budget and/or were really lazy because they cut corners wherever they could and didn't show anything they didn't think they absolutely had to. There is a dude that's controlling them or something via a chip in their brains, he is at some other location, he is the evil scientist, kinda. I think they spent most of the budget on the scientist's beakers and such. At one point a guy is dying with a stake in his heart, and they literally JUST show a bloody stake, and a little bit of his chest, it's a side shot. It also includes the "video markings on screen" thing to make it look like a reality show sometimes. And then you have to sit through these horrible "candid" monologues from some of the most unimportant, completely forgettable characters! There was a couple moments where I was questioning the screenwriter. One person says "if we hoof it" implying to hurry when I always thought to hoof it meant simply to walk by foot. Also at the end instead of "Dedicated to my family" it says "Dedicate to my family"! To sit through this get ready to stay in basically a few different interior rooms, see some pretty outdoor scenery, hear some great cinematic glitch music, and be bored and confused as to how this actually did get made. Really rough stuff.


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