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The HDTGM fantasy awards.

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Fantasy HDTGM.


In a nod to The League’s Shiva and Sacko award you can do a December special episode giving out the “Howdy G May” or “Howdy G May……Duh?” ( statue of Statham shaving his head) which of course is the “ Award for excluding exceptionalism in the face of great expectation ” for the BEST worst movie


And the "Cagy" (looks exactly how you think it looks) for the worst worst movie. Or whatever these awards would be called and look like if a creative and funny person posted this bullshit.

I just think you should do a award show where 1 fan gets selected (possibly by draft) to get each weeks movie and the two that get the above awards gets some type of prize.


Determinations made by averaging;


fan poll




3 hosts separate rankings (weighted 1 to 1 so 4 total sources)


Wrapped up with an in memoriam style short roast of the years HDTGM films over the appropriate slow piano music.

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