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Thalamus Debris

The Core (2003)

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Please pick this movie! I love it so much!

Near the end of the movie the last two surviving characters are trying  to escape the core and it cuts back and forth to the control room cheering for them. There is then a jump cut to the control room with a title card saying something like “16 hours later” but the scene actually doesn’t skip a beat! It’s like in editing they realized “oh it actually takes some time to travel through the center of the earth”!

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I remember seeing this in the theater and it might be one of the movies that started me down the path of loving bad movies. It would be so much fun to have the HDTGM do this one.


Also when I saw Avatar and they called their thing unobtanium too, I was legitimately pissed that they stole it from The Core.

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