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Toys - the hallway gag

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this make absolutely zero sense. there was no need for a distraction at all! because there was no one guarding the restricted area. if they managed to sneak a music video set down a hallway and no one noticed, then robin williams could have just worn the zevo uniform that joan cusack was wearing under her costume to get into the restricted area; and if the guards did actually see him on camera, they wouldn't have thought anything of it. all they were doing with that distraction was drawing a HUGE amount of attention to that area, dramatically increasing the chances of getting caught!


and, what if the MTV logo didnt fall off and the plan did work? what would they do when the song is over? sing more songs? how did they plan on sneaking that set out of there and not get caught when the intention was to draw the attention of the guards who are now staring at them? :unsure:



also, how the hell did robin williams get the restricted access key card?

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