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You guys fucking killed it at the show today. It's like 6 hours later and I'm still feeling the glow. There's nothing like seeing live improv, even if it's just four dudes on stools doing theater of the mind. That being said, with improv being such an "in the now" experience, it's wonderful to have the option to listen to shows or particular scenes again and again. I'm still a little floored at how fucking well everything wrapped up at the end there.


I'm quite appreciative of being graced with the presence of Gethard, he really is a phenomenal improviser and it's a shame we aren't treated to more of him on the podcast since he's a New Yorker. That made it especially nice to not only get him again for i4h, but live and close to (my) home. Seth killed it, too, as usual, and Owen very much surprised me (only because I'm not familiar with him and this was my first real exposure)


On another note, I brought a friend with me who never experienced live comedy before, and was unfamiliar with improv in general. She left the show a convert. Though she did say something along the lines of "lots of dick stuff" in a non-judgmental, matter-of-fact version.


Thanks for coming out, Matt, and bringing the best podcast in the universe with you. It was an electric, packed yet intimate crowd, and if the laughs don't speak for themselves, we loved it.

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