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Boogeyman (1980)

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Murdered mother's-boyfriend terrorizes grown-up kids by traveling through mirrors. He spends the whole movie with pantyhose pulled over his head. Anybody else remember this shitpile?

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After seeing this trailer:



I feel the need to bump this thread and show you THIS one:




The whole time I was watching the Oculus trailer I was thinking about this movie, which has spawned two sequels (Boogeyman II and Return of the Boogeyman -- Boogeymen 1 through 3 are not related).


This movie has everything — gore that doesn't make sense (one guy gets stabbed in the back, then blood runs down his head), rules that are held together by toothpicks and tape (the killer lives in the shards of a broken mirror, I guess? But that's where it ends, there are like no other boundaries), and deaths that are hilariously stupid. Did I mention two sequels?

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