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HDTGM TV Edition: Once Upon a Time, Season 4 Premiere

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So my wife started watching this show, and it started as the absolute definition of a guilty pleasure---something I once would've said I didn't believe in, because even if I'm watching something for how bad it is, it's still done with joy and not guilt. But this show actually fit the bill; the acting and effects are laughable, the dialogue is hilariously bad, but there was actually something satisfying to seeing the sometimes-nuanced ways they'd work fairy tale lore into the show. You'd see a character and wonder what fairy tale character it was going to turn out to be.


...smash-cut to three seasons later, and the characters from Frozen---not just the original Hans Christian Andersen characters, but the SAME EXACT CHARACTERS, IN THE EXACT COSTUMES, FROM THE 2013 FEATURE-LENGTH FILM FROZEN---step through a portal into the show. And they're in the show now. And this is a show. That exists. And that is all I could do while watching it: Pull on my hair and shout, "THIS IS A SHOW THAT EXISTS?!"


It's definitely worth doing. I know TV shows are somewhat rare for HDTGM, but this one legitimately deserves it.

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