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Russell Brand's new direction.

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Hey guys,

Russell Brand has taken his comedy and talents in an interesting new direction this past year or so.

A different type of stand up show called "Messiah Complex", and different type of book called "Revolution", and a very popular new youtube channel called "The Trews; News if the news was true".

Seems to be doing quite well.

Not as funny as you two though.

Thought you guys might be interested.


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Actually, when Kanye West was asking Sean Hazie for advice on how to make the perfect album, there's a little lyrics that you might find VERY interesting and it goes a little something like


Russel Brand/ Russel Crowe

Zero Zero Zero, a whole lot of Os


Sound familiar? How big of a number is zero?


Bzzt, Pencils down: it isn't


It's actually quite...small...small...small....


kanye basically owes them his career, so do i even need to spell it out for you? we know whether or not sean and hayes are interested

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